Decadence in Generals - La Decadencia de los Generales

Day 130, 06:16 Published in Spain Spain by Zhuge Liang

Existen ocho tipos de decadencia para los generales.

Primero, ser un avaricioso insaciable.
Segundo, ser celoso y envidiar a los sabios y capaces.
Tercero, creer las calumnias y aceptar la amistad de gente traidora.
Cuarto, criticar a otros sin criticarse a si mismo.
Quinto, ser vacilante e indeciso.
Sexto, ser muy adicto al vino y el sexo.
Séptimo, ser un mentiroso malicioso con un corazón cobarde.
Octavo, hablar a la ligera y a lo loco, sin cortesía.


There are eight kinds of decadence in generalship.

First is to be insatiably greedy.
Second is to be jealous and envious of the wise and able.
Third is to believe slanders and make friends with the treacherous.
Fourth is to assess others without assessing oneself.
Fifth is to be hesitant and indecisive.
Sixth is to be heavily addicted to wine and sex.
Seventh is to be a malicious liar with a cowardly heart.
Eighth is to talk wildly, without courtesy.