Is Something changing?

Day 1,136, 03:17 Published in Switzerland Switzerland by Vincent Rekdal

Congressional elections has given us a lot of new congressmen, some of them entered for the first time in our congress, and maybe they could give to our country a new chance for the future.
The actual composition of the congress is this:

Parties Congresssmen

Swiss Liberal Party 17 % 7

Swiss Neutrality Pa... 20 % 8

Alti Eidgenossensch... 15 % 6


Swiss Union for Adv... 30 % 12

Swiss Freedom Party 1% 1

In the last congress half of our congressmen didn’t do nothing, they didn’t participate to the swiss forum, they didn’t write something to newspapers, and, worse they didn’t vote the proposals. We could say they were elected to warm a sit in the congress!
Considering last ten proposal we have a vote average of 56%, 23 congressmen of 41 voted the proposals. It is a bad average, but it’s worse if we don’t consider the last two votations (the votations of the new congress). In this case the average is lower by 14 points, the 42%, 17 congressmen of 41 voted the proposals! That’s scaring!
In the last congress we had more than an half of the congressmen that doesn’t care about our country, but they probably care about medals and gold!
Considering also that two important parties of Switzerland are PTOed the situation is quite critical, and a question is really justifie😛 does party leaders have the responsibility of this bad situation?
We know that they don’t have the right power to decide who can enter in the party or the power of chasing members, but of course the can do something more with communication, such as identify active members, communicate the names of them and write a list of members esteemed by the party. That could help people to identify PTOers, and could help people voting for the congress.
Switzerland needs a political revolution, the dead of some parties could give a good opportunity to start a new age.
Today the average is better and in the last two votations (I’m considering closed votations) participated 27 congressmen, maybe something is changing, we hope so. But it could be nothing considering that only few days passed from the elections, we need to wait more time to realize if our congress is waking up or not.