The rise of gipsi - Let's Fight Koza Nostra

Day 1,132, 03:20 Published in Switzerland Switzerland by Vincent Rekdal

Since some days we was studing the political situation in Svitzerland and of course we notice a party names Koza Nostra.
Just reading the name it's easy to understand that there is something wrong. 'Cosa Nostra' is a criminal syndicate that emerged in the mid 19th century in Sicily. It is a loose association of criminal groups that share a common organizational structure and code of conduct. Each group, known as a "family", "clan", or "cosca", claims sovereignty over a territory in which it operates its rackets – usually a town or village or a neighbourhood (borgata) of a larger city. Their primary activity is protection racketeering, but they are also involved in drug trafficking, loan sharking, and liquor and cigarette smuggling (wikipedia). Someone normal that reads 'Koza Nostra' for a party's name thinks two things:
- who could let some people found a party with the name of a criminal association?
- who is so ignorant to name the party with an italian criminal association's name but with a wrong word; the word Koza doesn't exist in italian!
So for that reasons we was preparing to write an article, maybe after the elections results. But today we read the interesting article of Penguin4512, named 'People of Switzerland' and we are here to tell Svitzerland our opinion about this theme.
We know that Koza Nostra members was reported as multis ( and of course they surely are not Swiss, maybe Serbian or Croatian.
Who is writing this article is a new player, as all of you know, and is every day reading, searching informations, asking questions and in a certain way is working for Svitzerland, all of those things because of a passion that is growing day by day for this game. The same passion that most of you have and demonstrate for the game and for Svitzerland. I see a lot of seriuos people that plays the game with devotion, Svitzerland has a lot of good serious politicians that works every day, discussing themes, writing articles, wasting their preciuos time in a project named ESvitzerland. And in a few hours a group of gipsis is going to destroing all. This is not possible!
We need to be defended by the admin or this game, as a lot of you said, is going to die as Svitzerland!
Just Yesterday I was noting some Koza Nostra's names that seems suspect, and what I see now is that a lot of theme are not yet in the party! Someone uses those accounts for the election is clear. Those are the names that leave the party today:


All of those people was created on the 25-26 of november 2010, they staid in the party up to yesterday and leave it today.
I hope we will have a better future without gipsi in the next year!