F4uc0n explains us Swiss politics and leaves SLP during the interview!

Day 1,129, 14:32 Published in Switzerland Switzerland by Vincent Rekdal

F4uc0n, the Swiss President after the impeachment, has accepted our request of an interview, to explain us some interesting theme about Swiss politics!

V.R.: I would like to start asking you a simple question: how is the actual political situation of Switzerland?
F4ucon: Much better than some months ago. There are many active people, things are slowly changing and we are now able to talk about some topics on which we would never be able to do some time ago.

V.R.: What happened with the last president?
F4uc0n: The congress members decided to impeach him probably because he wasn't active enough. He promised many things in his program but wasn't seen after he got elected. I find very sad that this kind of people succeed to win in elections.

V.R.: I read that he bought votes, is it correct?
F4uc0n: I don't know. In one of my article I explained that I found very strange he could have about 100% more votes than he had the months before but I don't know where they come from.

V.R.: maybe multi accounts?
F4uc0n: Maybe. I reported tens of accounts which seems to be multi-accountson the election day but I still don't have any answer from the admin.

V.R.: let's see can you explain to our readers (a lot of new players) how does the elections work, I mean , who can vote, who can present himself as canidate exc...
F4uc0n: For the country presidency, a party president can choose a candidate of his party and allow him to run.
For the congress, you can decide in which party and which region you want to run and if there isn't more than 9 people running in each region, the party president can't choose which candidate he wants to allow to run or not.
And after that, everyone who is level 14 and above can vote for who he thinks is the best.

V.R.: so, low lvl players can't vote correct?
F4uc0n: No, they can't.

V.R.: for that I think that is quite impossible to win election with multi account
F4uc0n: No. Reaching level 14 is pretty easy. I don't know exactly how much time you need but I think you can reach this level in one week or a bit more.

V.R.: but I think you have to be crazy to do multi accounts since lvl 14 to win an election!!! but is just my opinion... and what about people whom candidate at congress only for the medal? Is There in Switzerland this problem?
F4uc0n: Multi-accounts can be managed with programs so it isn't as difficult as that.
there is this problem because we have more congress seats than really active people.

V.R.: that's sad....but party leaders can't do nothing? I mean to partecipate to an election you have to enter in a party, but party leader cant decide who can join the party?
F4uc0n: No they can't. That's also the reason why parties doesn't mean much in this game actually. I really hope the admin will change this particular point in the political module.

V.R.: I agree! so now some questions about you!!! How is been the president?
F4uc0n: It's exactly how I thought. Very pleasant but also very time consuming if you want to improve things in the country.

V.R.: I think so...will you be candidate for next election?
F4uc0n: I would really like to but my actual party president didn't seem to like me in the last elections so I doubt he would agree to choose me even if I didn't ask him yet. And about the other parties, I doubt they would agree to allow me to run for them.
But I have many other things to achieve so I hope I will find one.

V.R.: I saw that is changed your party's name, why?
F4uc0n: lol, I didn't see that. He has to be desperate to do something like that...

V.R.: eheheh but why dont you change party or create other one?
F4uc0n: I thought about leaving the party when this guy won the elections but as long as he kept the "Swiss Liberal Party" name and its descriptions I wouldn't have to leave as parties doesn't mean much but now that he totally changed it, I left (2 minutes ago).

V.R.: what a scoop!!! how do you think this person won the election against you? I mean you are the president I think in your party you have to have a good support isn't it?
F4uc0n: As cesgon, I don't know how he won and as I did for the presidencial elections, I reported 10 people who worked for the same compagny and were born the same day but I didn't have any answer yet.

V.R.: this is very bad! I read some elections speech but no one said the names of his team in case of winning, I mean if I have to vote for a president I have to know who will be his ministers, dont you think so?
F4uc0n: I don't really know. The president is the master piece of the government so I think we'd better vote for him without knowing who his ministers will be. cesgon choosed good ministers but wasn't active. I think it's a good example on this problem.

V.R.: that's true, Mr president we are going end this interview, I just want to do the last question, I see that there are a lot of problems but also some good people in Switzerland that want to do the country better, can you tell us how do you see the future of our country?
F4uc0n: If we're not attacked by another country, I think we could continue improving our situation. At least, we're on the good way.

V.R.: so mr president I really want to say thank you for the time you have dedicated to me, I hope to see your name in the list of the presidential candidates and I want to wish you a merry christmas and happy new year
F4uc0n: Thanks you. Happy holidays