Contest results!

Day 129, 12:45 Published in USA USA by Moriet

The winner from yesterday's contest is Nave!

The turn out for the contest was dismal at best. Reasons for that could include the following.

1. No Money
2. Lazy
3. To many other competitions going on (Thanks to you Mr. Salute)
4. They feared the DoD was going to attempt to take the money that was donated to me as part of the contest.
5. They feared that I would be assassinated for standing up to the DoD.
6. Didn't know how to donate
7. Didn't know how to make money
8. Thought the contest was a joke
9. Dislikes for contests

If you can think of any other reasons let me know!

And to answer the question as to what Nave won.....He won all of the money! Congratulations!