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15th October - Party president election

Day 1,790, 14:27 Published in Denmark Spain by Sasori5
~ one article, one song ~

Tomorrow we have PP election, so don't forget to vote to our trusted candidates!

Besides remember to vote as late as you can, depending on how it's going the election we'll need your vote on one or other candidate. Send me a PM and I'll tell you who is the best choice! 🙂

I'll update this article during election day so you can see who is better to vote as well. (But remember it's better to ask 😛!)

If you want to vote to another party you have to resign from your party and then join the other in which you want to vote. You will be able to come back to your previous party later. 🙂

Official candidates:

Aurora - Hr.Bubbi
Killers with spoons - Sasori5 (DONT VOTE)
Workers' Syndicalist Union - Seltus <--- (VOTE!!!)
Aperture Science - Lutharus
G partiet - carlos

Thank you,
CP of Denmark.

PS. The first 3 players who comment here with danish cs and level <=25 will get a q7 weap.


PrinceDK Day 1,791, 00:42

good luck.

Tulleshelper Day 1,792, 01:14

The first 3 players who comment here with danish cs and level <=25 will get a q7 weap <-- yay kun en comment indtil videre 😉

Cafewest Day 1,792, 08:00

Laver en CP overhoved noget ?

Joshua of Denmark
Joshua of Denmark Day 1,792, 11:36

Kun en q7 det var ikke meget he he he!!

KristijanII Day 1,805, 04:49

Party president election o7

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