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The Presidency & Elections

yesterday there where elections for country president that ended today and midnight erepublik time (09:00 AM eSA time), although the official count is not yet in it seems very clear that we have lost this elections. The Hungarian candidate had almost double the number of votes that we had and I don't think that they will loose that much vote that I will be declared the winner. Although we might have lost the elections ingame this will not deter us from keeping up the fight against the Hungarians who are controlling our country against the will of the true South African people.

I was elected the candidate to run for the true South African people and will ofcourse be the resistance president and will be heading the resistance government. Our main goals as it has been since the PTO has started is to get our country in any way possible (except cheating by the use of multies). I hope I can do this country and the people who live here, the people who used to live ere proud and I hope I can be a good president as there has been in the past. In the preliminary forum elections I got 75% of the votes, it means a lot to see that so mean people stand behind me and supported me in this run for the presidency. Although I got a lot of the votes this does not mean that I can just lean back. The presidency is a hard though job that takes a lot of your time especially in times of crisis likes these in eSA.

Brazilian Declaration of War

As many of you know, yesterday a vote was started in the congress of Brazil about a declaration of war against South Africa. This is ofcourse not a surprise seeing the articles that have appeared in the Brazilian Media about attack South Africa to gain our regions for the resources that they are lacking in their own country. It is also no secret that the Brazilians and the Hungarian PTO'ers although both on the Phoenix side are not getting along after the problems they had with the renting out of our region Guateng by the Hungarian PTO'ers to Brazil. The Brazilians also recently signed a MPP with the US also a country that is very friendly to South Africa. The South African government is keeping an eye on everything and will react appropriately if needed.

The Cabinet for december 2010

I did not open applications as is done most of the time, I picked people myself who I though would do a good job and who are active. With application it will always be the same people who will apply while there are other people who might not apply but still would be a marvelous job I have used people who has been in cabinet for a long time and also people who are new to cabinet position or have not been in cabinet for a long time. I hope this will be a good mix between experience and people with a fresh view on things. As you can see not all functions has been filled or confirmed and those positions will be confirmed and filled in the upcoming days.

President: Fhaemita Malodorous
Vice President: Grimstone

Minister of Domestic Affairs: SamGibz
Deputy Minister of Domestic Affairs for Social Development: Dycey Farley
-Director of Population Development: To Be Assigned
-Director of Mentorship: To Be Assigned
-Director of Fun : Oprah Winfrey
Deputy Minister of Domestic Affairs for for Information: To Be Assigned
-Director of Information: nick jones
-Director of Wiki: Jan Baykara
-Director of Education: Vanessa1309

Minister of Defence: CyberWitch

Minister of Security: Wingfield
Deputy Minister of Security: Chucker71
-Director of Immigration: Tenshibo

Minister of Finance: Lazer Fazer
Director of Government Companies: Tronyx

Minister of Foreign Affairs: Mark Morcom
Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs: Enbaros

Governor of the eSouth Africa Health Center: Nickerball

The following two appointments are not made by the president:

Chief of Staff of the South African Armed Forces: Tronyx
Governor of the Reserve Bank of South Africa: Lazer Fazer

As you can see my cabinet is different from cabinet that we had before. The ministry of social development, Ministry of Information and Ministry of Internal Affairs has merged into the Ministry of Domestic Affairs a ministry that is quit big and has two deputies. Also Nickerball has returned as the Governor of the eSouth Africa Health Center. Not all functions has been filled or confirmed and those positions will be confirmed and filled in the upcoming days.

This upcoming month

This upcoming month will be a very important month, there has been alot happening, even the days before I was officially became the president of South Africa a lot has happend and changed and I hope that this will be the turning point in our war against the Hungarian PTO and that we will finally prevail against the people who have occupied our country for too long now. We do need to stay strong and keep united against the Hungarians who are our foes. If we will sticking up for each other and stand together we will prevail.

I will do my best to keep the citizens of South Africa informed about the situation true articles in this newspaper and post on the forum. I will post a weekly update in this newspaper of the things that happened, going on and what will or might happen. It is important for the citizens to be informed what is going on in their country and I will do my best to do so.

Onwards in Unity & Solidarity!
We Shall Prevail!
Ons vir Jou Suid Afrika!

Fhaemita Malodorous
President of South Africa