[Serban_b] President of Switzerland

Day 1,110, 05:31 Published in Switzerland Switzerland by Serban_b
How are you already know I am the candidate proposed by Swiss Union for Advancement for presidential seat of Switzerland. The Swiss Union for Advancement is the second largest party in Swiss and the winner of last congress election with 11 congressmen. Currently I am a congressman representing Graubunden and I am playing eRepublik for 350 days. I own companies in Switzerland, Romania and Spain. I am ready to use all my knowledge accumulated so far in favor of Switzerland.

What I have to offer.
First to bring more fun in this game and second to lead the country to succes
1.Most important, as you know, a new chance happened in eRepublik. I explain all in [Serban_b]New resources for eSwiss. This opens gates for more profitable companies but also we are target for our regions where we have cattle. This means we need to defend our country. Besides our current mutual protection pact with Poland, I can offer a second one with Romania. This will guarantee our borders’ security and we can speak about Austrian high deer region. This will bring more fun in game, stimulate new citizens and improve our economy. This new mpp with Romania will provide us dayly war helping us advancing.

2.Political module. Now our advancement is prevented also by problems in Congress. I propose myself to bring politicans closer and have a strong majority that will facilitate new reforms. Also, in last term this country had virtually no government. To prevent this, I want to make a permanent council where all experienced eSwiss citizens will help to take major decisions, along with the country’s ministers.

3. Economic module. I have proposed an economical reform here [Serban_b]New taxes but with this changes we will have to adapt, in order to exploit our new resources. Now clearly aren’t.

4.On job market we have to take care that all new players work at q1 companies. Also we need to make some food companies that can provide cheap bread for population and to build a reserve of food in case of attack and in the same time to help balance the food market.

5.We need to initialise the „Welcome cometee”.Every new citizen needs to know some basic stuff. We don’t have very many new players so we have to take care of them. Most of them don’t know what is important, I’ve done a small experiment to see if this is working and I have concluded that it will be most aprecciated now than ever.

6.We need to stabilize our currency at 0.02G. Because now there are some people that have a large amount of cash and play with our currency, therefore allowing them to win lots of money money. I suspect Cesgon, Clifford Burns and Walther Rathenau as I saw them on monetary market pretty often.

7.We need to make a 1 mounth budget where we incorporate all our outgoings and what we collect. This budget will be discussed with council, goverment and congressmans.

8.We have to implement a new metod to bring some money in treasury. [bAll congressmen should donate half of their gold received from the congressman medal[/b]. This will bring an substantial amount of gold.

And now I will say what is my opinion about other candidates.
1.F4uc0n is supported by SLP and SFP, no surprise here so far. These two parties are controlled by the same people. He doesn’t have any vision about this country. He doesn’t want to make any reforms whatsoever. You can see this in his comments. It is very clear that he doesn’t have any idea about the economy in general.. He helped Paul to embezzlement our country accounts. You can see here how 3000CHF are missing.

If he is to be elected, we will see no change in good. Not a very good project. He wrote a crappy article where he said that candidate because their friends said he will be good. No projects, nothing.

2.Cesgon. He is supported just by SNP not by AEP this is a lie. He used to lie to us. No surprise either. It is well known that he is Clifford Burns' minion. All that he made until now is: their puppets in Congress make improper Donations Proposals, paying to dominate the top 5 media because they can't handle honest competition and I can prove this with these images:
Here you can see his lie.
All he want is that president medal that miss from his achievements. He is not interested in eSwiss, All he wanted is that president medal that is missing from his achievements. He is not interested by eSwiss, he is supported by Clifford Burns and Walther Rathenau. This to make huge amount of money with Curn SO.

3. Mony CRO I don’t know who is this, I didn’t see him utill now.

I don't expect some clean elections because amount of dirt throw by both sides and because of what I wrote here: [Serban_b]Erepublik: The Clone Wars. For this reason it is important to vote on the best for the country.