[Translated in English] Peace at home, peace in the world

Day 1,106, 02:28 Published in Bulgaria Bulgaria by Ninoff
Due to the importance of the article i decided to help our President and translate the official article of our President English, so everyone in the eWorld can read it. I will try to keep the translation as close as possible to the original article, but this is not always possible due to the complexity of the Bulgarian language.

I've written many articles until now, but this one is the hardest of them all. Ever since last month we had some differences with the Phoenix management, and those differences continued to occur in the first half of this month. At first President Cryptos declared boycott to all Phoenix priorities(Note from the translator - you all know why), and this continued through my term by not signing our main MPPs.After long and hard negotiations with our neighbours I managed to close all our active wars and by that to preserve our territories. The icing on the cake was the vote for our banishment from Phoenix.
Serbia, England, Germany, Hungary and Russia voted for us to stay in the alliance, and Turkey, Argentina, Brazil and Estonia ( changed vote for unknown reasons) voted against us. This vote has been canceled by the new Phoenix leader Iain Keers, elected one week ago. This man stated very clearly that until we are members everyone should show their respect! I can say that there hasn't been Phoenix management that we had so good relations for very long time ( jamesw and Mr. Woody included).

Despite this fact the many mistakes Phoenix made in the past couple of months reflected to our citizens resulting as very negative influence throughout our society and so there two votes to leave Phoenix were started:


And both of them were accepted.

I am not and can not be the man that will oppose the will of the people in the face of their representatives - the congress, and i will keep my promise given in my pre-election period.
As from this article eBulgaria declares neutrality and will take the future in its own hands.
The relations with all our partners will be bilateral, and eBulgaria and only eBulgaria will be responsible for its decisions! There are five days to the presidential elections and the eBulgarian citizen will choose the ProEden road or to preserve neutrality.

As for the road to east, we are making daily negotiations with the countries there and we have some basic agreements between us, but its very hard to get in touch with Iran's government.
Agreements for new MPP-s we can search from neutral countries such as Ukraina,Lithuania, Paraguay, Mexico, Austria. Its not very clear when will the changes promised by the adminitrators occur, and none of the announced from them is not active at this moment.

During this month i've been accused in whatever you can think of, but i think, that this government term,is not that bad, no matter that not all the achievements were made public. Preserving our territories, in a period of total EDEN's domination ( one of the few European countries to achieve that), and all of our colonies is a tremendous diplomatic success! There are training exercises every week in the Barracks for the future eBulgarian soldiers. In BNB (Bulgarian National Bank) there is a good ammount of local currency and gold, so we can maintain stable exchange rate.
Many countries write articles in our country showing that we are desired partner for every body.
In short in all aspects - economy, military and diplomaticy - very STABLE country. Yes, there was not much action in the past month, but the legacy is more than better.

In the end my appeal to those that want to be the future President is to preserve the good tone during thet campaign, because i've been witness to many "good wishing" articles during the last one. Lets have a nice and civilized elections as fits to a civilized and cultural country!

Best regards,
The Graverobber,
President of eBulgaria