[IP] Independent Party is no more

Day 1,091, 06:51 Published in Netherlands Netherlands by Independent Party

Today the Independent Party will be disbanded for an unkown duration.
The party's (and country's) inactivity spiraling downwards couldn't prevent even myself (among the most active players in our little country If I may say so myself) that I forgot to place my candidacy for the Party Presidents elections. This helped by the fact the event list would have normally reminded me, has been removed by the admins for unknown reasons. This doesn't change the fact that in the end it was my responsibility.

Now a unknown (Croation?) newbie will become party president of our beloved party.
Therefore I changed our party name into that of 'PTO-ed party'

The Independent Party has been a unique party, and has done remarkable things.

IP filled a unique position between the big parties, and helped negotiate between them. A role GLD previously took up, but unlike GLD, IP was really independent. We worked together with every party, even the communists.

I regret the day I stepped down as Party President when our party was at an all time high, to see others leave the party not to return. That intense activity never came back to it's fullest.

IP may come back another day, when there is room and demand for it in the political arena.

Daniel Parker
Party-President of Independent Party

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