Day 1,085, 13:20 Published in South Africa Indonesia by I love you M

Hello dear citizens of Sout Afrika!

Thank you for deciding to elect me as your new dictator :3
This couldn’t of been possible without the help of my Serbian friends, my Hungarian friends and of course the occasional citizen that i payed to vote for me.
Thank you i all of you!!!

As first order of buisness i announce that Sout Afrika will from now on be a communist country the first in erepublik history.And i will be the new dictator 🙂

And im also proud to announce that we will officially from now on worship Dio the God-Emperor !
Thee official religion from now on will be Dioism , and those who do not accept Dio
will be sent to our mines in Gauteng for life.So we will be joinig our brother in China, Serbia, Pakistan, USA, Portugal,UK,Iran... who have also accepted Dio.

Economy : I plan to help our economy grow by presenting Sout Afrika as a real neutral country (not like India -.-) , and with that get investors from both Phoenix and EDEN countries...
We currently have 3 High Titanium regions .Titanium is currently the most importaint resource. And since the Phoenix alliance lost almost all its titanium regions we have a good chance to attract people from Phoenix countries to open companies in Sout Afrika.About renting our Titanium regions that may bee possible but only for a high rent that would benefit Sout Afrika.
Sout Afrika will not allow Brazil , Argentina , Indonesia or any other PHX/EDEN country to pass trough our land or to take our regions for free!

Military: We plan to create Sout Afrikan Armed Froces (SAAF).SAAF would have have only one purpose, to fight for Sout Afrikan interest’s and protect Sout Afrika in case of an attack.SAAF may be sent to fight in other countries but only if that benefits Sout Afrika, not to fight for any alliance.SAAF will only consist of Elite soldier’s.While we will also create another branch of SAAF for babies and those that don’t fill the requirement for the Elite branch of SAAF.There they receive help and support until they fill the requierment’s for the Elite Branch.

Territorial expansion is possible , but it will depend on the income and our current financial status.

That would be all for now my fellow Sout Afrikan’s ! o/

~ Your new dictator Alphatrion