Know you Government

Day 1,084, 11:44 Published in South Africa South Africa by eSouth African Presidency

Unlike previous terms each ministry within the structure of the resistance decided without interference from the President who would be working with them. It was never my intention to force any player on a Ministry that might not gel. Who knows better who would do well in the various positions other than the Minister who has to work with these people. Leadership is about trying new things, and it is my hope that this tradition will live on in eSA.

So, as of now, the Government of eSA is as follows:

President: Mark Morcom
Vice President: Grimstone

Ministry of Defence:
Minister: CyberWitch

Ministry of Foreign Affairs:
Minister: Fhaemita Malodorous
Deputy: Damien Wolf
Advisor: Enbaros

Ministry of Information:
Minister: Bobady Zoo
Director of Wiki: Jan Baykara

Ministry of Security:
Deputy: Chucker71
Minister: Wingfield
Director of Immigration: Lord Gunrae

Ministry of Social Development:
Minister: Superslax
Deputy: Golgavar
Director of Education: Rexdeus
Director of Fun: Joseph Rich

Congratulations to all, may this term be one where real progress is made.


Mark Morcom
eSouth African President