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Day 1,073, 04:27 Published in South Africa Hungary by montaigne

Dear South African citizens,

Borembukkk's "good-bye" article upset some of us, cheered up few others. Well, he was a good guy to stay in Hungary, but he was lacking the necessary endurance to stay here. I would call him our failure, he will call eSA his own failure. That's it. He is gone, but we have marginaldefeat and 57 other guys replacing him.

Anyway, I am sorry, that I couldn't be on the party the "real" South Africans had, when reading Borembukkk's article.

What cheered me up was Rexdeus' attempt of Hungarian language comment. Although all of the words were understandable for a Hungarian, I must say, I did not get the point, nevertheless I still highly appreciate his effort. As Griffmadar has pointed out in his comment, our language is quite unique, unrelated to any major language group, with a difficult grammar and lot of non-international words. Google translate is far behind being able to cope with it. I guess, when few of us are writing Google transleted sentences in Afrikaans, we may also be very funny.

Well, if you wish to tell something to us in our language, here is a short dictionary grouped by topics:

Winner = Nyertes
Looser = Vesztes
Candidate = Jelölt
Congress = Országgyűlés
President = Elnök
Government = Kormány
Opposition = Ellenzék
Vote = Szavazat (Voted = Megszavazva)
Multi = Multi 🙂
Cheater = Csaló
We will win on the Presidential Elections, you bloody cheeters = Nyerni fogunk az elnökválasztáson, ti mocskos csalók

Rifle = Gyalogsági fegyver
Helicopter = Helikopter (after all this is a Hungarian invention made by Oszkár Asboth)
Tank = Harckocsi
Artilerry = Légvédelmi fegyver
Experience Points = Tapasztalati pontok, but everybody would understand XP as well

Hardworker = Jómunkásember
Food = Kaja
Company = Cég
Owner = Tulajdonos
Profit = Nyereség
Cost = Költség
Revenue = Bevétel

Hungary = Magyarország
Poland = Lengyelország
Italy = Olaszország
Bratislava = Pozsony
Transilvania = Erdély
Crisana = Partium
and...surpise, we have a Hungarian name for Cape Town (only) = Fokváros

Hi = Szia
Good morning = Jó reggelt
Good afternoon = Jó napot
Good evening = Jó estét
Good night = Jó éjszakát
Good bye = Viszlát
Good luck = Sok sikert
How are You? = Hogy vagy?
Fine, thanks = Kösz, jól vagyok
Dammit! = A francba!
I am hungry = Éhes vagyok
I am sleepy = Álmos vagyok
I am thirsty = Szomjas vagyok
I am h@rny = K@nos vagyok
I have no money = leégtem, nincs pénzem
I have lots of money = Tele vagyok zsével, vastag vagyok
You failed = Elkúrtad
Congratulations = Gratulálok

Police = Rendőrség
Doctor = Orvos
Monitor = Képernyő
Keyboard = Billentyűzet
Mouse = Egér
Refrigerator = Hűtőszekrény
Football = Labdarúgás
Airport = Repülőtér
Exit = Kijárat
Entrance = Bejárat
Stop = Állj
Start = Indulj
Passport = Útlevél

Well, I think this was a nice intro of our langugae. Maybe some of you can teach us similar words in Afrikaans.