The successful North Korean PTO of Japan

Day 1,067, 08:30 Published in Japan North Korea by North Korean Foreign Affair HQ

North Korea saw a need to act in a world that was subjected to the machinations of Imperialistic Phoenix Alliance/Peace GC.
The world was is a sickly state due to the Peace GC’s warmongering and imperialistic, tyrannical rule of many countries through oppressive colonization. It was around the time that the USA had just been betrayed by the UK and was facing a multi-pronged attack by Peace GC that North Korea decided that it could not sit idly by. North Korea had achieved success at a rate that was unheard of for a new country, but was willing to sacrifice all of this if it would help destroy Peace GC’s stranglehold on the world. North Korea took control of the Asian land bridge in Kyushu, which lead to Eden/Brolliance forces into Asia, so they could continually wage successful battles against Phoenix Alliance/Peace GC. Not only was the mere fact that North Korea was able to take control of the Asian land bridge impressive, but the way it occurred can only be described of as the most successful PTO in eRepublik history.

North Korean High Command devises a strategy that would lead to the downfall of Peace GC/Phoenix Alliance, but it would require a large sacrifice by the North Korean people.
Peace GC’s, now Phoenix Alliance, power was primarily based on their imperialistic rule of colonies, which they economically bleed at the cost of the host nation - primarily Asian countries. North Korea knew that if Peace GC was ever to meet its demise, taking away their economic base in Asia was of primary importance. Seeing how crucial the land bridges were that resulted in the USA nearly getting conquered, we devised a plan that would have us take control of the land bridge into Asia - Kyushu, located in Japan. North Korea’s success as a country belied its population - we had a low population, but thrived due to great leadership(Afanasiy Drago). Because North Korea did not have the manpower to control two countries, leaving North Korea to gain control of Japan would result in losing control of our country to other powers. Despite knowing this, we were willing to sacrifice short-term control of North Korea if it meant defeating Phoenix Alliance through controlling of the Asian land bridge in Kyushu. Our invasion of Russia at the time was suicide and we knew it - it was planned. We were consquently conquered and managed to 'flee' to Japan and claim refugee status. We all know how things turned out. Our sacrifice was worth it and Phoenix Alliance has not only left Asia, but is also a shadow of its former self.

Never has a Political Take Over been as successful as the North Korean PTO of Japan
Typical PTO attempts are cumbersome events, which lacked the subtlety and eloquence of the North Korean PTO of Japan. We actually ingrained into your society through skillful politcking and a brilliant propaganda campaign. We received native-party support for our presidential candidates, government policies, military reforms, and managed to sway native support from Phoenix Alliance towards Eden/Brolliance. We turned natives against each other, and saw the strongest Phoenix Alliance sympathizers get chased out of the country. We retained power for nearly a year, and now that our primary objectives have been met - expulsion of Phoenix Alliance from Asia, defeat of Russia, and near total defeat of Phoenix Alliance - we will leave. We will leave your country in a worse off state than we found it. It is crippled beyond repair, so that if need be it can quickly be taken over again - either through another PTO or through a regular invasion. This has been the most successful PTO in eRepublik history because of what came from it and also how we managed to get you all into believing in us.

Now that we have achieved our aims, all North Koreans who have not returned yet are ordered to do so. We have completed our mission. North Korea displayed an unprecedented spirit of self-sacrifice and heroism in the war against Phoenix Alliance.

Die for Drago!