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Some Background Listening

The Bloody King of Ruddy Englandshire

Subjects, Of the eUnited Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.
Sheep farmers of eNew Zealand,
Syrup miners of eCanada,
Maddog fans of eSouth Africa,
Logamacs of eSingapore,
Dioists of ePakistan,
Dioist battling oddballs of eIndia,
Olive skinned chip shop owners of eCyprus.

As you would have read here, I Mr Woldy, have been selected to take up the prestigious title of His Royal Heiness, King Woldy the first. MiD, KCVS, KBE.

(Disclaimer: International readers ~ this was not my idea)

As King, I hereby withhold the right to attend state visits paid for be the recipient country, including Q5 food and at least Q4 accommodation. Not only that, but I reserve the right to publish any article trolling or otherwise utilising the most flowery and fag like language associated with the British Empire and it’s ruling Gentry class.

Speaking of which, it’s about time I introduced you to your new sparkly aristocracy;

Baron von Bremen
The Wannabe-bride Baron
Baron von Kersovic
The Red Baron
Baroness Thatcher
The Iron Ladyboy
Viscount Dracula
The Viscount Count of Counterbury

George Norfolk,
Earl of Suffolk
Earl of Shaftesbury
Earl of Snowdon

Steven Mack and Tlawson2310
Duke & Duchess of Greater Mancunians
John Forseti
Duke of Hazard

Our Team Pictured on the Bottom Row

Now for Some History

Those of you familiar with the events that led up to the English Civil War, and the beheading of King Charles will know that a large factor in parliaments disgruntlement was the monarch’s grip over their discussion debates and votes, which the king could intervene on and postpone almost at will. Tensions eventually peaking when Charles along with a few chums barged their way into the House of Commons and arrested several members for high treason. All in all, liberalism was being squashed out. And as they say, the rest is history.

Those of you who follow the parallels between eRep and RL that sometimes become apparent will not have to worry. As I was recently appointed MoLA, I oversee and manage the House of Commons. This meaning that when I force my will upon them it will be entirely legitimate.

Which brings me nicely onto my next list of bright faced eUK’ers; those receiving a superficial peerage.

(Disclaimer: this does not make you a member or ex-member of the house of lords, I just wanted to call Indiekid homosexual)

Tom Fletcher
Lord Sutch
Lord of the Dance
Goku Jones
Lord of the Flies
Lord of the Ring(pieces)
Lord Ellpus

Lastly, the part probably about two of you have been waiting for, is the Royal Family and our state religion..

Firstly, some Prime Totty; Dishmcds
Queen of the Sands

Secondly, some not so prime, anything, really. Maddog Jones
Princess of Wales

Thirdly, someone somewhere inbetween on the totty scale, Chew-Chew-Shoe
Queen Mother

And there we have it. Any further additions, changes and titles will all be disclosed on the forums, as I would like to avoid alienating my foreign readers 😉

And of course, hail the church of Boblo and the holy Spamican, with Horice serving as the Baby eating Bishop of Bath & Wells.

Woldy: Ruddy Monarchical.

Thanks for reading.
Mr Woldy.