Mexico Makes Mercinaries for Foreigners (Mexico)

Day 125, 12:05 Published in USA USA by Emerick

Category: Military

As the war module's release approaches, citizens grow eager to try it out. Some countries plan to go to war immediately(see: Pakistan, Sweden) and some are choosing to wait and see how those first wars go. While most countries are choosing the latter for whatever reasons, their citizens are still wanting to give the war a whirl. In Mexico, Zemog has prepared a mercinary system, as laid out in this article from [a url= ]La Legión Extranjera[/a].

Basically, they've been speaking to players from Spain, Argentina, and Sweden and have arranged a way to transport Mexican citizens to fight their wars. There was no word on whether the government for any countries involved had anything to do with this system. According to the article, Mexico has no intention to start any wars, but it does want it's citizens to be ready and have plenty of experience when the time comes.

Should we think about exporting soldiers? It might help the economy and give some experience to American soldiers.


PS- It looks like the International News Agency has died before its time. If you're not from America and want to openly share articles about your country and others pm me. I don't want to see a good idea go to waste.