[BiH]Romania ambassador in Bosnia i Herzegovina

Day 1,056, 08:22 Published in Bosnia and Herzegovina Romania by Vlad Sabau
Hello dear allies !

I am pleased to announce that starting today I was appointed ambassador in your wonderful country.
I known you are curently under TO, your president although he is bosnian he is also PHX and he is under Serbian influence. I known you have a lot of problems with the Phoenix intruders.
Here is our cabinet:

Country President : Bogdan_L

Prime Minister : Open_Minded

Minister of Defence: brouvi , Didey , Fremenul , diuras , Mer_lin

Minister of Foreign Affairs : Crista22 , Ms.Carmen , GeluRomanu

Minister of Finance : Bogdan Armand Sibrand , Roscatul , Romansul

Minister of Education: DoctorG & YellowLibra & LUC DA

Ministry of Labour and Social Solidarity: MermaidPrincess , Iosy DeadMan , Mariuslucian23 , Illaudatus , Minimax , Wandutza , Alexandru Chivu , L.Bogdan , Low.Rider

Media Ministry : gandacutza , MuresanC , Alecsandru010

National Building Society : Cronoss , gavrilb

In the end I want you to know that Romania is your ally, we will always be here for you.
Any problem you have you can contact me and together we will search for a good solution.
We are EDEN, you are EDEN, together as one, friends for ever !

Hail Bosnia i Hertzegovina !
Hail Romania !
Hail EDEN !

Vlad Sabau, ambassador of Romania in BiH