[EDEN] Our Better Is Better Than Your Better

Day 1,051, 14:36 Published in Italy Greece by Greek Ministry of Health
Our Better Is Better Than Your Better

Today is another great day!
Our alliance has graced new blood! A new ally has been welcomed into EDEN and with her our family has grown ever stronger. It is with great pleasure that I can today announce Italy as our newest brother. The road has been of great length and of vast ratification but the sincerity and grace of the Italians has never gone unnoticed, they are fierce and fiery on battlefield and hold a unique intellect. Their presence will surely be felt and welcomed within EDEN.

Let us not forget that EDEN’s success is credited to each of her member states and their devotion to the alliance. Our dominance on the Globe has proven that the steel which bounds the many friendships of our alliance together is unbreakable. Be assured, glory will continue to be strived for, our aspirations have soared! Michelangelo, the great Italian once said “The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short; but in setting our aim too low, and achieving our mark”. With our Italian brothers by our sides we will only achieve more triumph and glory. Welcome to EDEN Italy.

The New Official Presidents of EDEN

Wally Wilson

Alias Vision










Congratulations to all newly elected Presidents, EDEN sincerely wishes you the best of luck this term in achieving your national aims.

Public Relations

Hail EDEN forever!