The new Military Module is available for everybody!

Day 1,043, 04:27 Published in by Plato

Dear citizens,

The first night of the new Military Module has passed, and so did the first battle. We are actually very satisfied to say that everything went smoothly , there were no big problems, no major bugs, no errors. This being said we find no reason to postpone the big launch so there you go: today, Day 1043, around 5 o’clock eRepublik time, we will put it live for everybody!

Each and everyone of you will be able to play it, criticize it, love it but, even more important, send us feedback on it. This is very important for us, we need your opinions and your suggestion to improve this module. We want to let you know that in the following days we will watch closely your battles and we will read your comments in order to determine and implement fast what improvements can we add. This is your game and we want you to enjoy it at the fullest. 😉

Speaking about your feedback, until now, we have gathered 3 major suggestions from you: remove happiness, the booster to instantly defeat your opponent and the fact that the current hospital is helping too much the defender.

The first wish will be granted soon, as we already informed you, happiness will be removed. We are just delaying this a little bit in order to give a chance to managers to empty their stocks of “happiness” products.

About the rocket launcher and the hospitals, we have noted your suggestions and we will come back in the following days with our proposals.

Also here are some answers for the most asked of your questions from our last Insider:

Q. How many rank/skill/experience points we get from fighting?
You will get 1 experience point every time you press the fight button.

Q. Why is there a need to have 4 military skills if they do the same damage?
In the future period of time we will address this issue and improve the concept. Please make sure that you send us your ideas. Meanwhile don’t forget to use the weapon that is fitted to your best skill for maximum results.

Q. How many times can we recover health from hospitals? How many health does it recover?
It depends on the customization of the hospital. The maximum amount of health you can recover is 100 health (by using the hospital 10 times). There are 250 uses per CP, which means that an amount of 2,500 players can use a Q5 hospital that offers 10 uses per player.

Q. If there isn't fighter on a side what happens?
It will always be an opponent for you, on the other side. If this doesn’t happen it means you really did something bad in a past life and you should report it as a bug.

Q. In the new military module, which kind of skill will be used to calculate the damage if I have no weapon. The highest skill

Of course, these are only a few answers, we will come back soon with a Q&A Insider. Until then, you can continue to post comments if you have questions. And by the way, THANK YOU ALL for feedback and support!

Kind regards,
Your eRepublik Team