The new improved Military Module is live!

Day 1,042, 08:59 Published in Argentina by Plato

Dear citizens,

Today is the big day that many of you have expecte😨 we are happy to announce that the Military Module is here again!

Like any new feature, it needs a period of testing until it will run at full capacity. That’s why the Presidents will not have yet the Attack buttons available. Still, in order for you to have a first contact with the improved Military Module, we will open a training battle between Malaysia and Philippine were you can see how the wars will look like “tomorrow”.

But, keep in mind one thing. Because we are talking about a training battle, if you want to invest Gold in the battles keep in mind that it will not be refunded . The entire battle will be, of course, sustained by us, but any personal investments will depend entirely on your decision. Also all the result will be reversed and no country will lose any national gold or territory.

When the Military Module will be live for everybody? Well, if everything works fine and we will manage to solve fast the bugs that may appear, we hope that it will be 100% available in about 24-48 hours.

Also, here are some quick info about what else is change😨
- You will discover that there are no weapons on the market. This is happening because they suffered some migrations, therefore all of them are back in their companies.
- In this Military Module, all the weapons (riffle, artillery, tank and air unit) have the same level of damage and only 2 customizable elements instead of 4. Also, all the weapons will be equal from the production time point of view.
- As we stated in a previous Insider, we will also come up, in the following days, with a military skill migration.
- A battle can last now between 16 and 30 hours, since the battle is split in 15 small battles. First side who gain 8 victories shall win the battle (a small battle will last for 2 hours).
- You cannot choose your opponent, he will be randomly generated for you, from the total number of possible opponents, based on matchmaking.

If you have any other questions please post comments to the Insider and we will come up as soon as possible with the answers, so stay tuned. Until then, here is a short tutorial about the new Military Module.

Kind regards,
Your eRepublik team