New things on their way to “live”: Military Module and countries + Train Update 2!

Day 1,038, 14:33 Published in by Plato
Train Update 2 - Day 1,042 at 2:00 o'clock eRepublik Time

Dear citizens,

We have encountered some issues and it seems that the improvement from 4 to 8 hours was not active on Day 1,040, like we have stated. But we have worked to discover the causes and we can inform you that starting this morning at 0:00 eRepublik time everything is solved.

So, if you will train today, your military skill will increase with a double amount compared with the previous days. We are really sorry for the inconvenience.

On the other hand, we would like to inform you that today we will have some downtime around 3:00 eRepublik Time. If this will take place we want to apologize for the inconvenience.

Have a great week everyone,
Your eRepublik Team

Train Update - Day 1,040 at 1:15 o'clock eRepublik Time

Did we mention in the last Insider that we are going to listen to you more and we intend the build the game, from now on, also based on your feedback? Yes, we did! But as they say, facts matters more!, so here is an example that we are sure you will appreciate! 🙂

Starting today (from 0:00 o'clock, eRepublik Time) we have changed the standard train time from 4 hours to 8 hours, in order for you to have the chance to raise your military skill faster!

Thanks a lot for your feedback and support on this issue!

Have a great week end everybody!
Your eRepublik Team

Dear citizens,

The improved Military Module will be live next week!

What?? How is this possible? Was the Admin hacked?!?
Well... No! 🙂 Just... in the last eight weeks, we have spent a lot of time gathering your opinions through tickets and surveys or talking with heavy and more casual eRepublik players. During this period, we have understood that the current military module is not quite the type that the majority of eRepublik citizens want to play.

Furthermore, what you will see live next week, will be just the beginning of a constant process of improvement, which will be made possible through your feedback. Its a better base to build from.

In order for this to take place, we want to let you know that starting with Day 1,039, at 4:00 o’clock eRepublik Time, we will disable all the “Attack” buttons and no battle will be allowed to start from that moment, until we go live with the improved Military Module. Before that happens, we will need a period of downtime, but we can assure you, that we will warn you beforehand and we will keep it as short as possible.

In this new revised military module, you will be able to enter eRepublik and fight for your country right away, without opening a flash client or wait for your turn in order to fight. Also, you will not pray for a critical hit, be tempted with just one single booster instead of five and destroy in 5 minutes more enemies than you probably could fight against in several hours with Rising.

On the other hand, you will gain experience points for every fight. Instead of 3 to 5 free fights you will have the possibility to fight at least 9 times for free (if you have food in your inventory, you will be able to fight many more times, without using Gold). Also, we have some good news for the medal hunters: the number of Battle Hero Medals will be increased from 2 to at least 16! How is that possible? Just wait and see in a few days! 🙂

Regarding the Military Skill migrations that you have requested, we want to let you know that immediately after the Military Module will be live, we will solve work on this issue.

What are the new countries that we intend to add to eRepublik?

Switching the point of view, let’s take a look at the eRepublik World Map. A lot of gray areas, aren’t they? Well, we have decided that (with your contribution) it’s time to do something about it. Hence, we have analyzed the current traffic generated by the countries that are not yet in eRepublik and we have discovered that six of them are ready to face the New Worl😛 the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM)***, Montenegro, Taiwan, Cyprus, Belarus and New Zealand.

If you are, in real life, a citizen of one of these countries, we kindly ask you to send us a message using the Contact Page, submit a ticket to the Game Support Department and choose “New country” as subject). We would like to establish together a few technical details.

One last detail, we have scheduled that these new countries could join the game in the first half of October; thus wait a little bit if you wish to create baby booms in your future new e-country.

That’s it for now! The next Insider will be published before launching the improved Military Module. Meanwhile, if you have any other questions don’t hesitate to submit tickets or to post comments and we will come back with the answers.

Kind regards,
Your eRepublik Team

***We know that there is an entire discussion about the name of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. We will not engage ourselves into any debate about this topic, so please do not insist! We will use the same reference as the majority of the International Organisations, until the moment the two countries involved will initial an official treaty about the final official denomination.
For those of you that have the urge to debate the nomination, you can read on the Wikipedia about the Macedonia naming dispute and its current status.