Time management, study and relax are history - Downtime Day 1038

Day 1,037, 03:43 Published in by Plato

Dear citizens,

As we’ve already informed you yesterday ,we will make today a small adjustment to the salaries: they will be presented per day, not anymore per hour.

For this to happen we will need to put the site into maintenance for a period of 1 hour between 05.00 and 06 .00 eRepublik time.

Your eRepublik team

Dear citizens,

Today and yesterday a few changes took place. Don’t worry, we didn’t came up with anything new, we will stick with the plan that we’ve discussed in the last Insider 🙂.

As you probably noticed, we’ve said goodbye to two of our beautiful ladies: Gina and Lisa (we’re not saying goodbye to Lana for now 😃). To be more specific, you won’t need to study and relax anymore. With these changes, time management became obsolete too. Also, we will make a small adjustment to the salaries: they will be presented per day, not anymore per hour.

Relax is history! Time management is history! Study is (kind of) history: based on your feedback, we have decided that the normal skill gains you got from studying to be added to the work action. So, from now on, the skill you used to gain by studying will increase more, at a pace rate equal with your productivity.

For the moment, until we will remove happiness completely, you will lose only 2 (two) units of Happiness for work and 1 (one) for training. Let’s say goodbye to sudden drops in Happiness!

But improving does not mean only removing “stuff”. So, starting today, managers will be able to work at a company, even at their own.

That being said, more or less this would be all for the moment with making the economy a little more accessible for new citizens.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s Insider (Day 1,03😎, since we will give you some more details about the improved military module and about some countries we want to add in eRepublik in the future weeks.

Your eRepublik Team