[FRERK] I'm back ye landlubbers!

Day 1,034, 08:54 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Frerk

Dear friends,

As of today I am fully back playing eRepublik.
I attempted to quit in June 2010 because, honestly, the game just didn't entertain me anymore. It was full of bugs, unfair moderators and trolls.
When I started missing people like waffles() I decided to come back. To me the community has always been the most important part of the game, and I was exceptionally happy to find that most of that was still intact.

I noticed V2, and while I've been in Beta it still surprised me. I was quite happy to see that it's not as bad as I imagined it would be, and even though the admins promised a new version of eRepublik(In the end of September, that's quite fast) I think I can keep up with "Rising" for a while.

So, my friends, how's life?

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