degrees of seperation (activity-levels)

Day 1,031, 19:11 Published in Netherlands Netherlands by Daniel Parker


Primary emotion: amazement
Mantra: “I wonder what´s next”
Habitat: unused in-game chatrooms
Writes: newbs are too self conscious to write anything in public
Time spent on erep daily: 1-2 hours
Population percentage: Type 1 (naïve): 10% / Type 2 (dum: 2%
Max. Duration: 1 month / dumb-type: 3-4 months
Friends: friendly (pro-)actives
Enemies: impatient lingo talking (pro-)actives

Everyone starts out like one, so it´s good remind yourselves sometimes in communicating with newbs how you felt about being a newb when you started at eRepublik.
I believe there are two types of newbs, the first being the ´naïve´-type, this is the stage everyone is born in. There are also people who stay newb forever, Let´s call these the (sorry, no offense intended), ´dumb´-type. Whom are basically braindead 2-clickers who have no idea what they are doing, and (here is the only difference with a 2-clicker) they don´t realise they are newbs. Fortunately the last type is quit rare, Unfortunately due to the horribly forced implementations of V2 lately the first type is also getting more rare.

2 clicker

Primary emotion: apathy
Mantra: ”just wait, my time will come...”
Habitat: places/work (where they click, duh!)
Reads: shouts
Writes: doesn´t bother to write anything, the best you could expect are maybe complaints
Time spent on erep daily: 5-15 minutes
Population Percentage: Type 1 (just clicking): 38% / Type 2 (retirees): 7%
Max. Duration: 3-5 months / Retirees: 1-2 months (they either die after that, or become active again)
Friends: none
Enemies: company managers who fire them for forgetting to work a day

Although they really click a little more then 2 times (18 times last time I counted), generally this is a stage also most people end up somehow, if it isn´t as a genuine 2-clicker, then maybe in the form of (temporarily) ´retirement´ of the disillusioned active´s and pro-active´s.
Since the whole group is so large, it´s hugely important for the economy. But in all earnest, it´s quite a mystery why the first type just keeps clicking like there is no tomorrow. We have unearthed some evidence that 2 clickers hate change, maybe even from their own habits? Maybe it can be explained by that wild theory that says everyone suffers from all psychic disorders in a light form, so they balance out evenly. 2 clickers might be a little off balance towards the ´autistic´ side, you know the type; the one who orders everything neatly all the time and can´t leave the house without his weekday labeled socks. No seriously, 2 clickers are proud workers and the backbone of our society, and I do suspect they sometimes do read news articles, but are put off by lengthy articles with no pictures. My hypothesis is that Lulzy articles can make 2-clickers into actives.


Primary emotion: confidence / smugness
Mantra: ”I need more treasuremaps!”
Habitat: external forum
Reads: top 5 newspaper articles
Writes: newspaper comments
Time spent on erep daily: 30-60 minutes
Population Percentage: 20% / Retirees: 7%
Max. Duration: 6 months
Friends: other actives and pro-actives
Enemies: 2 clickers

This is a great group to be in, and good reason to be proud to be in here. I do however like to make a distinction between actives and pro-actives. The actives tend to stick around in communities, give their opinion things, but unlike the pro-active player he doesn´t yet come up with novel new plans. Experience is what this type of player is lacking. An active will vote, show up on forums and maybe even on IRC, but he probably will not read up on your countries constitution, let alone write a new law proposal that corresponds with it. The only thing the active can do to overcome that is put lot´s effort (thus time) into their party, government, army etc, to gain insight and the respect of other so he/she will be considered. Some former pro-actives that don´t want to meddle in the political field everyday anymore, may turn down a notch or two and become actives instead of ´2-clickers´ because they keep on taking some jobs which aren´t very flashy, but quite important. Being a forum-mod or some chore for some ministry all the other ´actives´ never heard about, because they are still to green.


Primary emotion: skepticism
Mantra: ”I´m gonna show they how it´s done right”
Habitat: external forum / IRC
Reads: last 5 (newest) articles / external forum
Writes: news-articles / law-proposals
Time spent on erep daily: 1-3 hours
Population Percentage: 10%
Duration: 3-4 months
Friends: other actives and pro-actives
Enemies: slow learning and inexperienced actives

(see active)


Primary emotion: anxiousness
Motto: ”why isn´t everybody helping me?”
Habitat: everywhere
Reads: everything
Writes: code / constitution change proposals
Time spent on erep daily: 5-10 hours
Population Percentage: (probably less then) 1%
Duration/lifespan: 1-2 weeks
Friends: other hyper-actives, in lesser extent they tolerate pro-actives
Enemies: actives (too slow for him), 2-clickers and newbs don´t even exist in his eyes

This is the zone is where perfectionists with too much time on their hands end up.
These people do great things on their own expense, such as making website, making logos for their party. Once their mind is on something BOOM the next second they built a big website which gathers all market-information of the high-titanium region of Rwanda or something. OK, I´m exaggerating, but generally speaking sometimes some people can become very very hyperactive all of a sudden, which can lead to great results. However these bursts of energy come at a price. Faced with the fact he is the only hyper-active in his country, the hyper-active doesn´t have someone to share and buildup his enthusiasm with for long. Hyper-actives tend to fall hard to a lower level then before they turned hyper-hyper. Generally they fall to either active, 2 clicker, or worse they might quit all together.So best way to handle a hyper-active is to either support him fully (if his ideas really make sense), or be extremely sceptical about all his plans and ideas, and to tell him right in the face if his plans suck to temper his enthusiasm. So don´t hesitate to say his plans will never work, because the basics of his plans are made under false or either incomplete assumptions or whatever. (you may copy paste that last sentence somewhere for future reference).