eRepublik tomorrow - Future changes and the big picture

Day 1,031, 01:32 Published in by Plato

Dear citizens,

Since the new modules were launched, some of you expressed pretty clearly that you're not quite happy with all the improvements.

So what did we do about it? Of course, some will comment (after "first", "second", "first page" and "pertamax" 😃) that almost nothing, we don't listen and we don't communicate. Well... you are not entirely wrong (not to say that you're quite right). 😃

We have listened to you, we have made some research in the community (quantitatively and qualitatively) and... we've started working on fixing the issues mentioned by you. But, indeed, we did not communicate with all of you on what we were working on. We preferred to keep a low profile until we managed to collect all the changes desired by the community. Plus, we had to analyze the implications that these changes could have.

So... here's the thing. We've messed up some features in the gameplay and we've complicated the game too much. We are admitting this to you and below, we will share with you how we plan to give you back the game we all love.

We have told you about some changes in the last Insiders, some of them are already live, but, in order for you to see that those were not random and crazy changes, here is the big picture we are aiming for, based on your feedback.

Your Goals for eRepublik
Make eRepublik simpler (like V1), more intuitive and less Gold intensive!

How do we intend to deliver on these goals?

Step 1
Simplify the New World Economy and make it more efficient and accessible to new users
Done: manual food consumption, change productivity formula, remove professions;
To be done: remove happiness, time management, leisure and study, improve the adviser with daily missions or quests that serve as guidance and a reminder (remember daily tasks?).

Step 2
Improve the user experience in the first days of eRepublik and support countries to make baby booms easier by simplifying and improving the registration process, improving the eRepublik homepage and making fighting faster paced, more entertaining and easier to understand.

Step 3
Improve the military module based on learning from past mistakes as well as research and feedback from the community:
We will remove: turns, flash player, critical chance, tiles, many of the boosters;
We will keep: PvP, various types of weapons, military skills, military rank;
We will add: speed of play, experience points, more hero medals, more free fights for every player, more intense battles.
In short we keep the good sides of Rising (yes, it did have some) and bring back what you most loved about V1.

We will give more details, in future dedicated Insiders, for every improvement mentioned here. But we hope that now, by sharing with you the big picture, you will understand all the "minor" changes we are doing these days.

We plan to have the first steps of all of the above live by the the end of September 2010 (no, this is not a joke)! 😉 And then... we will work on them to make them constantly better.

Keep in mind, once again, that if we were able to draw this big picture, it is thanks to our past successes as well as mistakes and your feedback (not just from comments or articles but also from thousand of tickets an quantitative as well as qualitative research). Therefore this big picture is an expression of our common will and we are confident that it will bring more fun to the New World.

We know we will never be able to make everyone happy even with the above changes. But on the other hand we will constantly consult you trough surveys or direct feedback to make sure that the vast majority of you are happy and we make the right improvements.

Kind regards,
Your eRepublik Team