Presidential Speech

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Dear fellow citizens,

Although it was a tight match, I must say, that it was surprisingly clean on both sides. Usually such elections are polluted with dozens and hundreds of multies. In South Africa this wasn’t the case and I am proud about that.

I will try to make a good job.
I will not go and rage around and attack our neighbours. Our ceasefire with Brasil will end after my presidential term, so unless something crazy happens, I will not meddle in that.

We can work on some other issues:
-One of my first actions (actually last action as congressman) was to propose a law lowering the import tax burden on food from 90% to 45% in order to reduce the price of the most expensive food in eRepublik. I hope this will boost the imports, since there is huge overproduction in the world. If 45% is not enough, we will further lower it. I hope, that lower food price will make the country more enjoyable for everybody.
-On the other hand I proposed to increase import taxes on titanium. I mean…whe should be the biggest producres of titanium in the world, it would be funny to find out that we import some stuff.

You may ask, what is the big deal about those embargo proposals with Singapore, what sort of problem do we have with them? Well…nothing, It is just for creating some additional XP-s for the congress people.

Same applies for Citizen’s welcome message. We had a message in Hungarian, one in Serbian. Next one, equally unserious will be English language. Enjoy the XP-s you will get for voting, we have no intention to replace the old one.

About the new Government:

We will have 4 major and 2 smaller ministries:
1. The ministry of the relations with Hungary will be performed by Vasmegye. He is Hungarian ex-MoFa, a very experienced diplomat and a great colleauge. He will be the major connection towards Hungary and he has relatively free hands.

2. For the position of MoFA I have a surprise: Blaz Gutman is a non-Hungarian, non-Serbian…he is eresident of Slovenia, a skilled diplomat, with multiple connections in the Phoenix Alliance. He will be assisted by another Slovenian, Garrincha88, who will also be our ambassador to Slovenia. Their job description will be fine tuned in the next couple of days, but actually they have both started to work. Dear Slovenians, welcome on board!

3. Economy, Finances, Informatics and Monetary issues will be handled by Stadler City. His right hand will be kismedve, like nothing changed. I did not want to have any incontinuity in these issues during my 30 days of Presidency. So, he will handle all the issues as he did before, he has free hands to pick the people whom he would like to work with.

4. Army: AThomson will be our MoD. He is an old fighter, who used to be my colleuge in the Hungarian regular army, and he is also trusted by Stadler City. We need to develop the army, since we need to be prepared to defend ourselves at a certain level against further aggressions. MPP with Hungary is a MUST, another MPP would be desirable, depending on the available cash. The army must be well-equipped and trained mostly to defend our land. In case of aggression, we count on the help of all South African citizens.

5. Ministry of Propaganda: I volunteered so you will have more fun than you need.

6. Relations with indigeneous South Africans. Last time when I was on the #esouth_africa channel, I got kicked out. Well…my door still stays open and our delegate in charge with the communication to the other half of the country will be Bence0206.

Thank You