Dear Admins

Day 1,014, 08:12 Published in Hungary China by Donnie Bronco
Dear Admins;

We noticed that you were kind enough to your favourite countries, Poland and China to close some battles that had opened last night. On the grounds of the war not being opened in the correct fashion.

We understand that you may on occasions be too busy to close battles that have been opened illegally by countries such as Canada in Vestlandet, and the USA in FER and ESR.

On a serious note ~ It wouldn’t be unfeasible for people to begin accusing you on bias after todays events.

Another thing we know you respect is the value money, and gold. Which is why we request that you refund us the costs of opening these battles.

Our ultimatum is that if our gold is not refunded, we will:

- Wipe Romania from the map
- enslave Eden’s women
- ‘dispose’ of Eden’s men
- rape your dogs.

In the mean time, we will make do with kicking Croatians.

tlr we would like our cash returned to us, as soon as possible please.

Mr Woldy - Diplomatic Officer
Antonio Salgado - Supreme Commander
Baltazar8 - Secretary General
Ernst - Supreme Commander 2