Please state the nature of the medical emergency

Day 1,009, 11:57 Published in India Croatia by Jelen od Potoka

Well, well,

my fellow Indians, in this article I will give you some important facts regarding our national security.

As you all know, in V1 we had four hospitals in Maharashtra, Jharkhand, Kerala and Tamil Nadu and no defense systems.
When the V2 was launched there was a period of about two weaks during which the military module was disabled. During that period presidents of all the countries were informed by the eRepublic public relations officer the_mihai to submit tickets in order to convert and transfer objects into the new version ones. Since I was on duty in that period it was my task. My minister of defence come2findu and a few commanders disscussed the situation and decided which tiles are the best for the deployment of hospitals.

Check the dates in this.

The ticket was submited:

"Posted On: 18 Jul 2010 10:32 PM" .

Soon i got the reply claiming that the changes will be implemented:

"Posted On: 19 Jul 2010 11:32 AM" .

Since nothing has changed until the very end of my term i posted another ticket complaining:

"Posted On: 01 Aug 2010 6:16 PM" .

This ticket was answered yesterday:

"Posted On: 25 Aug 2010 3:00 AM" and started like this: "Dear Jelen od Potoka,

We are very sorry for answering so late to your ticket. We would like to apologize!"
...yeah, nice words but still no hospitals.

Check it out:

Tamil Nadu

These regions should have a Q5 one each posted on these locations:

Jharkhand, hospital, 11,13
Maharashtra, hospital, 15,09
Kerala, hospital, 14,11
Tamil Nadu, hospital, 15,09

...but nothing. No little cross on the minimap, no tiles marked-nothing.

My ticket is now closed but this is far from over. We want our hospitals back.
Why is this simple thing taking this long??