[ENTENTE] This is the end, beautiful friend. Bye.

Day 1,004, 14:10 Published in France France by Entente Cordiale

Hello my good Friends, as the title says and then the Song ( * ):

This is the end
Beautiful friend
This is the end
My only friend, the end

and bla bla bla.

It's simple, what goes up must come down, nothing is eternal, this includes eRepublik Alliances.

ENTENTE, has already accomplished its course in this new world, and now it's time to close the Doors. Fun? pfff we have fun, and fairly, we win, we lose, we FAILed, we "WINed", we build and destroy, share, we were selfish, we were kind, a suckers, we did it all for right way, we attack, we defended ourselves, in summary: We did a lot of things and Particulary have fun.

ENTENTE born from the idea of anti Polarization, where exist other nuances besides the White and Black. Self-determination of sovereignty over our own territory, was the basis, and we try to keep it. It was in that way for a long time. Friendship, coolness and Trust were a big part of Goof from the Alliance. Of course, problems allways appear, and selfish attitudes, agresives, lack of effort and even betrayals, vitiate the Panorama. And so was. And when this happen, the best is cut it from the roots, thing than i think has not been done in the best point, but do it now, finally, is what would have deserved to be, long ago.

Fuck, we have so much god damn fun, a lot of good people step over here, many of them helped to make this something big, at least for us, so I want to appoint some people especially, who made this possible: Azaret, Rednif Tap, Wolf89, Luke Magitem, Naisha, Ernesto-Che-Guevara, Ginman, AlessandraV, Ph03n1x, Valkyrjur, Alduso, dimmustranger, Tim Paulsen, Saberan, Apotygma, ThomasRED, damil, VIPHunter, Demetrius, Talkewa, Jacek Guti, Apocalypse, xav76, FITOMAR, paranoik, wil gamarra, Cirpadel, ArKanis, Eazz, DiOnYsOs60, Rhevard, Delexo, aberst, Demetrius, OnlyP, iPika, Xicohtencatl el Joven, and a lot of people than i Forgot in this moment.

Thanks to Spain and Polland, be cause this is just a game, and and without good opponents, is not funny. Thanks EDEN and PHOENIX, because if you had not had its flaws, there had been no ENTENTE.

Thanks Ukraine, Italy, France, Paraguay, Mexico, Venezuela and Belgium.

To the people who didn't/don't like Entente, those who wanted to boycott, etc etc: Suck It. For the ignorant who never knew about it: you should have put desire. To those who supported o/. Those who were always there, supporting and fighting: Thank You.

Good Luck.

santirub y Tim Paulsen.
co- SGs of ENTENTE.