Questions and Answers Insider - Day 1000- UPDATE 1

Day 1,000, 08:13 Published in by Plato

UPDATE 1, Day 1001, 02:30

Dear citizens,

On a security base you will be able to add texts in eRepublik only by using the BBcode not with html tags. This changes were applied recently also on the shouts so some citizens shouts will look "weird/wrong" because they are using or they used html tags.
This is not a bug , you just have to adapt the codes and everything will be fine.

Don't forget that in a few hours will go into maintenance so we will see you soon with the new food consumption feature.

The eRepublik team

Dear citizens,

This is a very special day for us: Day 1000. It has been and will continue to be an adventure and we want to remind you that we owe this existence to each and every one of you. So we thank you for being the heart and soul of our community, this big family at eRepublik. We welcome all your suggestions, as we have until now, and we thank you for all your help. We couldn't have been here today without you.

We hope you will remain brave citizens and continue to help us improve the New World. The future is only as bright as we make it. And we will make it monumental. We thank you again for these wonderful 1000 days and we hope that you’ll be reading the article for Day 2000, as well 🙂

In order to mark the moment, we have created some new eRepublik's badges . Also, all the badges now contain your very own referrer link! So bring your friends to the game and get a 10% gold bonus from them. We also have a special promotion for you, as all Gold packs contain 25% more Gold during this week.

All these being said, let’s go back to our “Questions and Answers”. First of all, we saw that many of your topics were related to the new Military updates, but we are planning to make a special Insider just for these questions so don’t hesitate to put them as comments to this insider.

But, for now, here are some topics you have asked about last week:

Q1. If more players attack the same tile which has only 1 enemy, how is it decided which one is the attacker?

A1. When multiple attackers target a tile upon which only one citizen is deployed, the attacker is chosen randomly.

Q2. You know that you get 3 free health kits (60 health points) on the battlefield if you lose, but what happens if you lose again? Does is go to 20 or do you die?

A2.In case you lose a battle, and you have no more free health kits available, you will be withdrawn from the battle (it will count as a loss in your statistics), and your health will be below 20. Your final health depends on the damage that the enemy does on the last hit against you. For instance, if you had 23 health left, and your enemy’s last hit did 7 damage, you will end the fight with 16 health. If your enemy’s last hit did 16 damage, you will end the battle with 7 health left.

Q3. When fighting in berserk mode, in the case of winning all the fights, does your health go down 5 health, or 5 health each fight?

A3. When you berserk (by clicking "go berserk"), you get placed into a berserk queue and you will start to fight with the enemies on that tile. If you do not lose the 5 health that you would normally lose for fighting a single opponent, then the health loss for fighting will equal the amount of damage inflicted upon you by the opponents. As per normal fighting rules, if all of the fighters have been defeated by other players, you will gain +2 skill points and +2 rank points, and 5 health loss. You can also find this information on our official eRepublik wiki page.

Q4. If I go in holiday for 2 weeks, will I be dead when I’ll be coming back?

A4. No matter how much health you lose in your vacation, you can recover it by eating food multiple times in the day you return. For you to rest easy on this one, here are some facts: if you have 100 health and you have no house in your inventory, you will die in 45 days. So there shouldn’t be any worries regarding this concern.

Q5. Will the companies (food and houses) be given a free chance to customize the products (because many products are customized specially for the current conditions)?

A5. All companies can change their customization points without upgrading/downgrading. Please take into account that, when making these changes, stocks are lost and, also, the current marketplace offers are deleted if you try to add them back to the company. More information about this and for more related questions please access this eRepublik Insider article.

Q6. When will the new food consumption button be available?

A6. This feature is in testing right now and we are planning to launch it tomorrow. So we would like to let you know that we will have 2 hours of maintenance between 4:00 and 6:00 eRepublik Time on Day 1001.

This is all for today, we hope that we’ve cleared up some of your issues and we are waiting for your questions for the next insider.

Until then, Happy Anniversary everyone!

The eRepublik team