The Questions and Answers Insider - Day 979 [Update 2, Day 981]

Day 979, 09:54 Published in by Plato
UPDATE 2 - Day 981, eRepublik time: 08:06

As you might have notice, there's an eRepublik Survey on going (liked in Homepage). We would like to encourage you to answer it since based on your answers, we may take important decisions about the future of the eRepublik modules. Thank you!

UPDATE 1 - Day 980, eRepublik time: 09:06

Tomorrow (day 981) we will take the servers offline for at least 2 hours, starting at 01:00 (eRepublik time) in order to implement changes resulted from your feedback tickets.

1. “Please change the way hospitals work. they are used up in the first few hours of a battle.”

The new product specification for hospitals will be as following:
- Health/player/turn: division = 2 CP, 2 CP = +1 Health (max 50 Health restore)
- Health budget: 1 CP = 2500 Health (max 250.000 Health)
- AOE: division = 20 CP, 20 CP = +1 tile (max 5 tiles)

In plain English, this means that a Q5 hospital will last for about 5000 fights (if you maximize the health budget and health/player/turn). Currently, a hospital can be used only for a couple of hundreds of fights (less than 500).

For further balancing, the new product specification will be as following:
- Defense: division = 2 CP, 2 CP = 1 Defense Bonus (max 50 defense bonus)
- Durability: division = 1 CP, 1 CP = 50 uses (max 5000 uses)
- AOE: division = 20 CP, 20 CP = +1 tile (max 5 tiles)

In plain English, this mean that a Q5 defense system will last for about 5000 fights (if you maximize the durability and defense). The current usage rate of a defense system is approximately 100000 fights.

2. “I did something wrong when I customised my products and now I can’t change it.”

Based on the multitude of the similar tickets, but also in order to offer a way for General Managers of hospitals and defense companies to adjust their products based on the changes explained at point 1, we offer you free of charge, without upgrading/downgrading, for a limited time (a couple of weeks) to adjust your product customization. Although all general managers will have this option enabled, you can see it as a opportunity to correct any blind choices and to respond to hospital/defense systems modifications explained above.

3. “It annoys me greatly that, in a fight where I know the enemy was too inferior to even touch my chopper and do any damage (such as a level 1 Greenhorn Infantry, who was foolish enough to step out onto a plain next to my Veteran Helicopter), I know I'm guaranteed to receive -10 health when the fight ends because others on my side also dogpiled into that fight and it counted as supporting the battle.

This feature can be resumed as such: whenever you “support a battle” (your opponent is defeated by another ally fighter), you gain 2 skill point and 2 rank points and you lose 10 health. We’ve decided to reduce that health loss from 10 to 5. After the implementation of change, the second round of analyses will be made (behavior, average maximum number of fights of a citizen, etc.) and we’ll decide if further improvements will be made or not.


The Q&A Insider - Day 979

Hello everybody!

Today is special day for the Insider: we are proud to introduce the Q&A Insider!

We received a lot of tickets with questions. We did not have the opportunity to answer all of them yet; thus we want dedicate this day to you. What does this mean exactly? In this Q&A Insider you will find the most frequently asked questions of the last 7 days. Of course, they will be followed by answers and detailed explanation.

We are counting on you to point out, in comments, other questions that you consider important. If you will have a lot of questions for us as comments to this Insider, we will try to answer them in a future edition of the Q&A Insider. You can find below the first series of questions from last week. Enjoy!

Question 1. ”What happened with the Super Soldier Medal?”

Answer: The Super Soldier Achievement gain is currently disabled. We're aiming to introduce four new achievements for the four types of military skills, but we do not have an estimation regarding the time of implementation. We’ll let you all know as soon as we reach a decision regarding this subject.

Question 2. “I would like to know how health and happiness regenerate over the next day. How much is the regeneration influenced by my food and my house?”

Answer: The influence upon health and happiness depends on the quality of the food and house. You can find the latest news about this topic right here:

Question 3. “While defending, if no one attacks me, is the selected booster going to get consumed?”

Answer: No, if you choose a booster when you are defending the tile and nobody is attacking you, that booster will not get consumed.

Question 4. “When attacking in berserk mode, if there are more than 1 enemy on the area, the selected booster will be charged only 1 time or it depends on the number of the attacked enemies?”

Answer: The booster will be charged only one time.

Question 5. “For example, if I have a house giving me 8 health, food with 7 health and I fight down to 20 health, tomorrow I'll have my health restored to 70 and after food/house bonuses are calculated, my health will be 85?

Answer: Yes, because the food/house bonuses are applied after the “70 health restore". This also means that next day you will have less than 70 if no food is present in the inventory.

Question 6. “Do you get experience from battles?”

Answer: You do not receive experience points from battles. Experience points will be received only when you: Work, Study, Train, Relax, Vote, Candidate.
You can check the eRepublik Official Wiki for more info:

Question 7. “How do we use the hospital?”

Answer: When you fight in battle, you will use hospital automatically if:
- you're deployed;
- you're inside the area of effect of hospital;
- the hospital is controlled by your team.
The amount of health you can receive depends on the roof of the hospital and is limited by the amount of health you had when you entered the battle.

Question 8. “If there are two hospitals that cover one area, do they both lose durability when one person gets healed?”

Answer: No, only one of the hospital is used and the one chosen is the one with a bigger bonus.

Question 9. “What happens if I deploy on the battlefield before the beginning of a war?”

Answer: We want to inform you that if you deploy yourself on a map before the beginning of a battle this could affect you when the battle starts. Don’t be mislead by the idea that you are outside the battle area, because when the battle starts you will be automatically involved in it. Not being able to defend yourself, implies that you may lose easily. So if you decide to deploy your unit in this way, take into consideration this possibility.

This is it for now, don’t forget to post your questions and we will see you next Monday.

Kind regards,
eRepublik team