Farewell For Now

Day 978, 03:03 Published in South Africa Sweden by zamrg

I've been relatively inactive for the past month or so, I started drifting away during my presidency and ever since, I've been pondering leaving this game; well today I've decided to finally call it quits.

It's been fun, (well was), I made plenty of friends & enemies throughout my travels in this game and I have some great memories of experiences shared and created in this online world.

I've reached the point where I no longer find it entertaining, instead it's more a chore and a repetitive job, coupled with the v2 changes that have transformed this game from a free to play model to a real-life cash based model.

At the risk of leaving out a friend or 2, I'm not going to list everyone but you know who you are, and thank you for making this game enjoyable and adding to the social aspect that kept me around and interested.

I'll still pop in around the forum and irc but I won't be playing with my character anymore, so until another day, farewell for now.