Achtung Lolies!! SEES Nippon is born!

Day 969, 00:30 Published in Japan Japan by Alfred Ball

Dear ULJ,

As you can see you are now without a home, what will you do? Well it's simple you have two options, whatever option you choose will not affect me most likely. You can leave immediately, or you can stay and help mold SEES Nippon into your home as you have done with the previous party. That is all I will say on this. If you do not wish to help then I will ask you politely to get off my lawn, kthx.

In Other News:
As for the rest of your Japan we have seen two devastating victories in our crusade against evil, Yonsil has made a home for himself and fellow Pedo Bears alike. Just remember this day Nippon as the day evil was purged from our islands and cast aside.

Two traitors have already been uprooted and cast aside:

That is all for today Nippon, sleep well for the new branch of SEES will bring more news.

Dio Be With You All,
Alfred Ball, SEES Nippon PP

P.S. I was banned on Coldfront eJapan IRC for winning elections ;_;