France Contemplates Alliances(France)

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Before I get into the details, let me say that this was posted on the 12, so yeah, it's old. But I still think it's interesting, so I'm putting it up. Anyway....

On March 12, French newspaper [a url=]Les services du Premier Ministre released an article discussing what, if any alliances they should have.[/a] The article is in French, so I've summerized it:

"'War is serious stuff.'
"Our foreign minister is doing his best to help, but the citizens must weigh our options. There are 3 major alliances, and they are all against one another, so we have to either decide which one to join or make our own alliance with other European nations (Germany, Spain, Portugal, Netherlands...) - the majority of these nations do not wish to enter in war. If we join an existing alliance, we run the risk of joining a war(which isn't what we want), but starting our own would be costly and time-consuming. President of France is holding a debate. Please join it. And then they list the link to an offsite forum. "

It's obvious that France doesn't have war in mind, especially since it's the country that bred [a url=]NOWAR[/a]. Although NOWAR is mysteriously for sale right now. Is the owner giving up the peace-loving dream? He didn't have an article in his paper explaining why.