Day 956, 17:42 Published in USA Pakistan by Joshua Patterson

Note: I deleted my last article so that I can write the long version

June 30th is now known as GF Day due to an eRepublik moderator, Necrosis a.k.a GF, rage quit and gave away his eRep mod password. So, since I have been involved in this from the beginning, I should write everything that I remember.

For some pre-history on the cause of this day, I can't reveal everything that caused GF to do this because some of it is personal stuff. But there was obviously eRep factors and while I should not be revealing this now, I feel it's needed. Choc, GF's VP, wanted to quit after his term finished, leaving GF VP-less and basically losing a serious edge in his campaign. But before this, GF had doubts that he could win since he used to reside in the UK as a PEACE commander and helped lead the invasion of the US. Months later, he's running for PotUS, lol

These doubts started to really make him question his run since he'd been wanting to quit for months but like most of us, our RL sucks or it's at least empty enough for this game to take up the unused time. He proposed to batterytime that he could drop out and become BT's VP. The elites of SEES tried to tell him it wasn't the right choice (including myself) since he had the best chance of winning in our opinion. He owned the media, had Choc (we didn't know Choc was quitting), and was a smart guy, something I can't say about most the PotUS candidates now.

Necrosis' Avatar

This eventually drove him insane in what to do since he couldn't decide between dropping out and being VP or staying and being like most Brits, he raged and quit when faced with a tough decision. After he gave up, he had been wanting to rage quit similar to this and ban a bunch of world leaders. So he decided why not just give his password to everyone and let them take over. None of us are as cruel as all of us.

Obviously, you give Emerick a young orphan and what do you expect will happen, the same applies to giving everyone ultimate power. I'm going to be honest here, I didn't touch the tools and wasn't going to but thought about it and tried getting a proxy to work (it didn't) but for some reason, I just didn't feel like banning anyone. Moral faggotry? Possibly. Laziness? Double possible. I thought it was hilaroius and lol'ed every second of it and I was banned myself. I lol'ed more.

The most famous banning and if you want to know who was banned, you can go to this great wiki article and see most of them.

Anyway, everyone began getting banned. Anyone who was famous was given 5 FP's (I was only given 3 😐 ) and I was there for most of the early bannings. Once someone figured out how to transfer newspapers, the eRep Insider had porn articles and random ones calling me a fag. In response to this man calling me a fag, I would like to compare ePeens and find who is the bigger man.

So this lasted for more than five hours with it starting around 6 PST and the admins finally shutting down eRep around 11:30 and after eRep was back. The admins had locked down the entire mod panel. As in, there is less than ~ten mods at the most modding all of eRep since only the employees at the eRep office can access the panel. I don't know the exact number but basically, they locked out most of the mods that modded eRep and so if you file a ticket, expect a while for it to be answered. A thing to note is that the eRep team at the Ro office has a 14 hour work time iirc, as in, they have no one online during the US's night time. They also don't have anyone in on the weekends. Great work schedule imo but not when you are running a 24 hour game.

Finally, I'd just like to say that that entire day was fun and I wanted to provide a bit more pre-history since that seems to be lacking from most articles. But as soon as I saw the password was out, I knew exactly what was going to happen. Something that still surprises me is when people talk of maturity but the reason people are playing this game is because they have nothing better in their life, this is like sex for a lot of them. Not quite sex with Medy but sex none the less. But from these people claiming they expect maturity, I feel as if they think that real life rules apply on the internet. They don't. I expect as much maturity from people on the internet as I do from high schoolers, virtually none :3.

Now, excuse me while I go party 😁