A Presidential Address On the Irish Attacks and Rental Agreements

Day 954, 16:15 Published in USA USA by Chocolate McSkittles

As you can see, Ireland is marching across the eUS into the midwest and cuddling with our breadbasket.

I've received many alarmed PMs asking about the current battlefield shenanigans, worried that we are losing a war. I simply would like to inform you that this is not the case.

Both of the countries involved in these attacks are allied nations. We are intentionally moving them into our nation so that they can use extra high resource regions to boost their economy (in exchange for monetary compensation). All regions besides a select few will be returned as soon as possible by Poland.

I encourage all business owners in occupied regions to take advantage of the reduced price export licenses

Today is a glorious day. Between the glorious shenanigans of last night, and the Irish/Polish swaps stateside going unhindered, I couldn't be happier with in game eRepublik right now.

Since the contract is fairly lengthy, I will stop boring you with the introductory goods, and get straight into it. I will not bore you by showing both contracts, and simply say that Ireland will be renting North Dakota for 200g/month.

Thanks to all who made this possible.

Note: Last night Ireland mis-swapped into Oklahoma. It will be returned to the eUS soon

Dare I say...Poland is inside of us :3

Contract between eUSA and ePoland on renting Illinois, South Dakota, and Tennessee

PARTIES: ePoland, represented by Ariakis (http://www.erepublik.com/en/citizen/profile/1552902), and eUSA, represented by Chocolate McSkittles (http://www.erepublik.com/en/citizen/profile/1441072). Involved organizations are: Narodowy Bank Polski (http://www.erepublik.com/en/citizen/profile/1233982) and the Congressional Budget Office (http://www.erepublik.com/en/organization/1384821)

This contract shall be valid for 14 weeks starting from July 3rd, 2010 (eRepublik day 956) to September 25th, 2010 (eRepublik day 1045)

PREAMBLE: We, The Presidents of eUSA and ePoland,

CONSCIOUS of the existing historical and social ties between the nations ePoland and eUS which have bound their citizens;

DESIRING to enhance peace and friendship between our eNations;

RECOGNIZING the need for economic, military and political cooperation in order to face the challenges posed by various hostiles and foreign enemies;

CONVINCED that the settlement of differences or disputes between our eCountries should be regulated by rational and effective procedures, avoiding negative attitudes which might endanger or hinder cooperation;

FOCUSED on sharing mutual defensive and offensive benefits, as well as greater cross country communication and exchange;

OPEN to future coordination and teamwork for the benefit of both parties as well as their respective allies;

SOLEMNLY AGREE to enter into this treaty of strategic cooperation and economic solidarity as follows:

PATH TO THE REGIONS: ePoland is responsible for the creation of a "Land Bridge" to the eUS, recognizing that eUS military and strategic support will be provided at her own discretion. The eUSA must provide access to the regions of Illinois, South Dakota, and Tennessee to ePoland. If the regions are returned to eUSA without ending the rental period through a resistance war or a standard battle, eUSA must allow ePoland to immediately retake the region within 72 hours.

: ePoland must:
- Pay a weekly rent;
- Allow one statement in the Polish New Citizen Message directing eUS citizens towards proper American help;
- Keep the population of regions Illinois, South Dakota, or Tennessee under 3,000 citizens, unless it is the case that Polish home regions are under significant attack and may be wiped out or the POTUS explicitly agrees to allow more;
- Not partake in hostile actions against the eUSA or her Alllies (defined by MPP list) without the expressed consent of the American Country President;
- Keep tariffs on Helicopters, Artillery, or Tanks on 5% or below once V2 releases;
- Not enact a trade embargo against the eUS.

- Provide access to the regions of Illinois, South Dakota, or Tennessee to enemies of the nation of Poland;
- Endorse or officially participate in the resistance of an unauthorized Resistance War of regions Illinois, South Dakota or Tennessee;
- Partake in hostile actions against the ePoland or her Alllies (defined by MPP list) without the expressed consent of the Polish Country President;
- Open MPPs against herself without warning and advice from the Polish CP;
- Enact a trade embargo against ePoland.

RENT: Total weekly rent is 700 gold. Payments are to be made weekly, on Saturdays by 23:59 eRep time, to the Congressional Budget Office (http://www.erepublik.com/en/organization/1384821, by Narodowy Bank Polski (http://www.erepublik.com/en/citizen/profile/1233982).

LATE FEE: ePoland must provide compensation of 50 gold a day for late payment of rent should the eUS deem the situation inexcusable and explicitly request it. Falling more than 10 days behind on rent without the understanding and consent of the American Country President will be seen as gross negligence of the terms of this contract.

FOREIGN INVOLVEMENT: eUSA must not allow any other nation to gain a border to Illinois, South Dakota or Tennessee. This includes methods such as retreating battles and not counter-attacking after given the opportunity. This rule will be disregarded if both presidents agree that they are allowing a nation to gain a border with those 3 regions.

PROLONGATION: This contract can be lengthen in duration if both eUSA and ePoland are satisfied with its conditions. An obligatory meeting meant to review this matter will be held one week before the ending date.

RETURN: Should this agreement end and no other contract be signed, Illinois, South Dakota and Tennessee must be returned to eUSA via standard battle, resistance war or battle through a third party requested by the current POTUS. Poland shall pay the costs of returning the regions to the eUS.

GOOD WILL: Both eUSA and ePoland shall fulfill in good faith the obligations assumed under this treaty. Either side displaying gross negligence of their duties will be seen as a hostile act against the other. The eUS reserves the right to use whatever means necessary to protect its interests should the ePoland breach this agreement.

DEPOSITARY: As Game Administration no longer supports in-game contracts, EDEN Supreme Commander will be entrusted as a depositary of this treaty. Should this contract be violated by any of the sides, the depositary will ensure that the breaching side meets appropriate political and/or financial consequences.