Final and Official List of Cabinet Members

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Good day ePhilippines.

This is the final and official list of the cabinet.

Office of the President
Vice President - Paul delos Santos
Presidential Adviser - cruelbear
Spokesperson - Revilo X

Department of Home Affairs
Director - Revilo X
Deputy Directors: - Eugene Bautista, Josie Brooks

Department of Defense
Director - Anarchist
Chief of Staff - to be announced by Anarchist

Department of Education
Director - Rupert Jaradal
Deputy Director - Gabriela Fajardo
Welcoming Committee Chairperson - Comrade Joe

Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Director - Jelly9473
Deputy Director for Sol - Niall H
Deputy Director for PHOENIX - indielfi
Deputy Director for EDEN - Lester Reyes

Department of Finance
Director - Negosyo sa Tao
Deputy Director - Eugene Bautista

Ministry of Merriment
Director - Anarchist
Deputy Director - Phae'annis

Director - Anarchist

Speaker of the House - indielfi
Deputy Speaker of the House - Niall H

Congratulations to everyone!