Anti-cheating project updates

Day 919, 08:48 Published in by Plato

Dear citizens,

Starting last week, the new anti-cheating system is active. As a direct consequence of this project, from now on we will reward the quality and not the brute quantity. As the time will pass, the benefits for the community will become visible, in terms of users' activity.

As a reminder, here are the new rules:

- when you invite somebody in eRepublik you will get a 10% Gold bonus from all the Gold your friend finds with a treasure map and also 10% out of their Gold purchases. Remember, that it is a bonus, an addition. Your bonus is not subtracted from your friend's Gold, as we have seen suggested in some comments. Also, after analyzing your feedback we decided to make the 10% bonus active for older invites as well, for which you've already been rewarded. If your invited friends are still active, you will get 10% out of their new achievements or Gold purchases (from now on, not retroactive);

- citizens bellow level 12 cannot sell Gold on Monetary Market or donate money. If the citizen buys Gold from eRepublik, this restriction is removed;

- After elections days on the 6th, 16th and 26th there will be a six-hour delay between the end of the voting period and the results becoming final. During these hours the winners might change if illegal accounts were involved;

-The old “Track Invites” page was removed. Instead, you now have the new Gold Bonus page, where you can track invites and also collect your Gold bonuses. The tracking is now easier, listing only the citizens who actually registered. In order to make space for the Gold Bonus page (in “Gold and Extras” section), we have removed the “Wellness Box” tab. You can still reach the “Get Wellness” option in your profile page (Bio ta😎, or, even easier, when you are fighting.

So, invite your friends in eRepublik, help them and guide their first steps. If they are helped to understand the game, chances are that they'll develop an addiction. And the longer they play, the more you are rewarded!

As a different topic, congrats everybody for the huge battle of Liaoning. It was impressive!

The eRepublik team