The War Winds Down: A Review

Day 911, 08:12 Published in Japan Japan by KITA Ikki
The War Winds Down: A Review

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Pyrrhic Victories are bad, but phallic victories?

Battle Breakdown

Battle of Gyeongsangbukdo - Ended May 7th at 23:52 - eJapanese Victory
Battle Heroes:
eJapan - jankems (eUSA) 30,640
eSK - Eisenhorn (eAustria) 36,738
Top eJapanese: Glorious Failure &amp; Anon Bliss
Top eSK: Alfagrem &amp; smiley132

Opening battle of the war, activated eSK's single MPP with eMalaysia, critics of the war protested in the media and urged others not to fight

Gyeongsangbukdo Resistance War - Ended May 14th at 23:02 - eJapanese Victory
Battle Heroes:
eJapan - Chicco (eUSA; zhunder incorrectly lists affiliation as eGermany) 32,432
eSK - Alfagrem 25,234
Top eJapanese: Anon Bliss &amp; KITA Ikki
Top eSK: Arjay Phoenician &amp; Vegaicm (Theocrat)
eJapanese fighting for Resistance: Nightlord, Scy Fye, Vorph

Started by Alfagrem and timed to coincide with end of eMalaysia MPP in order to delay eJapanese advance.

Battle for Chungcheongbuk-do - Ended May 16th at 23:20 - eJapanese Victory
Battle Heroes:
eJapan: Kizmet (eJapan, yay!) 10,460
eSK: Afanasiy Drago (eNorth Korea, boo!) 10,415
Top eJapanese: KITA Ikki &amp; Chaotic1
Top eSK: Peter de Lusionist Bae, Krale Marko

eCroatia and eGermany fought heavily on the eJapan and eSK sides, respectively. Outcome was never in doubt.

Battle for Chungcheongnam-do - Ended May 16th at 23:28 - eJapanese Victory
Battle Heroes:
eJapan: Baptir (eCroatia), 6,488
eSK: Hans Agil (eGermany), 14,494
Top eJapanese: Yonsil &amp; Fno Cox
Top eSK: smiley132 &amp; Stefanie Hwang

Another heavy eCroatia and eGermany fight, wall was back to no-man's land by midday, but shortly after fell underground for the rest of the battle.

Battle of Gyeongsangnam-do - Ended May 16th at 23:32 - eJapanese Victory
Battle Heroes:
eJapan: Chicco (eUSA), 14,680
eSK: BattalGazi (eTurkey), 40,020
Top eJapanese: Anon Bliss &amp; virusxpl
Top eSK: Alfagrem &amp; Phondeux

Mostly a fight of eJapanese versus eGermans plus Battalgazi.

Jeju Resistance War - Ended May 17th at 01:12 - eJapanese Victory
Battle Heroes:
eJapan: maxzarazni (eCroatia) 7,382
eSK: Robert Magasi (eMalaysia) 8,044
Top eJapanese: Tohru &amp; Akki
Top eSK: Alfagrem

Robert Magasi, Alfagrem and Eisenhorn were the only three citizens fighting against eJapan in this RW.

Gyeongsangbuk-do Resistance War - Ended May 17th at 01:14 - eJapanese Victory
Battle Heroes:
eJapan: L0rdPh03n1X (eCroatia) 10,699
eSK: shilter (eIran) 6,710
Top eJapanese: Huang Chung &amp; DankChronic
Top eSK: Alfagrem

Nightlord, an eJapanese, also fought RED in this RW.

Battle for Joellanam-do - Ended May 17th at 23:38 - eJapanese Victory
Battle Heroes:
eJapan: marquis-esoteric (eSwiss) 6,912
eSK: Stresemann (eGermany) 7,520
Top eJapanese: EnigmatixHU &amp; danyeo
Top eSK: TNT1833 &amp; Carlos Bianchi

A distraction attack in concert with the assault on the real prize, Gyeonggi-do.

Battle for Gyeonggi-do - Ended May 17th at 23:32 - eJapanese Victory
Battle Heroes:
eJapan: Glorious Failure (eJapan) 29,942
eSK: Yddub Emwolb (eIreland) 14,331
Top eJapanese: TheReverendSeanV &amp; plzdaddynooooo
Top eSK: TNT1833 &amp; Phondeux

The outcome of the battle was never in doubt, the wall hovering around -150K for the last 12 hours of the battle. The conquest of Seoul resulted in the destruction of eSK's only Q5 hospital.

Jumping from one battle to the next!


According to this article in the NBoJ newspaper, the National Bank of Japan indicates the following expenses:&quot;270 gold spent on tanks, -337 gold spent on DoW on eSK, -51 gold for attacking eSK regions&quot; NOTE: last number has not yet been updated to include several battles after publication.

The eJapanese military performed well, as expected against a numerically inferior and less-organized enemy. The NBoJ donation list is quote confusing, and presumably the org was used to distribute weapons as well as gold for tanking (a departure from past practice). Hopefully the Ministry of Defense will release an itemized report soon explaining the donations, particularly the large amounts of gold/JPY donated to the following citizens &amp; organizations:
-jankems (eUSA tank) (received 80 gold)
-Paradiziac (eUSA tank) (received 80 gold)
-Lucius Varenus (eUSA tank) (received 80 gold, returned 50 gold)
-Dragonforce Imperial (various amounts of gold &amp; JPY)
(NOTE: Numbers are probably not entirely accurate; please wait for the official report before tossing around criticism)

How to help after the war

Integration of eSK citizens

There is currently a discussion about how to best integrate the eSK community, available here:;t=2546

Personally, I hope that the core eSK community will stay together, rather than disperse to the four corners of the New World. I would even support funding a special auxiliary unit of eSK citizen-soldiers so they could remain a coherent unit for the future foundation of an independent eSK.