Why We Fight

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Why We Supported the War

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風林火山 - FURINKAZAN, an inspiration for Japanese Daimyo TAKEDA Shingen's battle banner - Speed of the wind, form of the forest / Attack like fire, unmoving like the mountain

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Gathering Clouds

Some of you have wondered why we declared war on eSouth Korea, even when there seemed to be little to gain. The congressional vote for war was 31 YES to 8 NO. Here is why I voted YES.

Let no one say Japanese are not willing to take a (fashion) risk! (real life Japanese Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama, picture taken last week)

There have been many articles in the pre-war eSouth Korean media lamenting the sad state of affairs, but none were so damning as this one, from respected member of eSK Congress (and former eJapanese), Athasnim, who wrote this article indicating the severe problem with simple congressional law proposals. (scroll about halfway down the article)

Indeed, there have been a couple important failed donation law proposals:
Donation to Bank of Seoul, Day 888, failed, which led to this...
Donation to &quot;Royal Family Bank&quot; or Carlos Bianchi's personal org, Day 889, failed (a good thing)
Donation to Bank of Seoul, Day 891, also failed.
Impeachment proposal by Stalin-Chan, failed 15 YES - 18 NO

Some of the confusion may have been caused by the deletion of the eSK National Forums a while back, another unfortunate episode of the ongoing chaos in eSK.

Lastly, in addition to the unsavory Carlos Bianchis of eSouth Korea, we should also not forget that the Theocrats have also declared their intent to make war on us. Many of them still lurk in eSouth Korea.

While none of these things warrant action individually, taken as a whole, the eJapanese government took action. After hearing the argument for war from the president and others in his cabinet, and confirming the above, I believe there was justification. At the very least, this will force the eSK community to work together. Any successful country in eRepublik requires dozens of active citizens, from the country president to the members of cabinet who operate the government orgs to the members of congress who debate and vote on the org funding. In addition to all of these positions, the military still needs active organizers to help the Minister of Defense ensure weapons get distributed. After the departure of some citizens frustrated with the situation in eSK, the country may no longer have enough to remain viably independent. The last CP election was very close, as was the last impeachment vote. This kind of instability invites PTO elements.

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Many eJapanese have chosen to oppose the war, citing &quot;conflicts with the Righteous Nation Philosophy.&quot; Although I respectfully disagree in this case, I encourage them to protest, especially in the pre-election campaigns. One of the best-written articles was by Sophia Forrester who wrote this article on the proper way to show dissent.

However, some eJapanese have chosen to actively fight against eJapan, and I hope they will reconsider their actions before the next battle. These eJapanese fought on the eSouth Korea side of the battle in Gyeongsangbuk-do, stats available here:


Setsuna 00 Seiei
Kang Jae Teuk
Geno Garon

Even if we disagree, eJapanese should not go out of our way to fight against each other in wars. We might miss an Olympics. 😁

Congress held a discussion about their activities, available on the National Forums here:


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Massive Guy on a Plane

The Airlines should have made this passenger purchase a Q2 moving ticket...