Anti-cheating project

Day 905, 04:34 Published in by Plato

Dear citizens,

A few days ago, we announced on the forum that we are going to turn eRepublik into a much more fair game, not only by making sure that cheaters have a short life, but also preventing the cheating at all. The complaints were related to unfair elections and multiple-accounts votes, but we decided to analyze the big picture and find solutions rather than solve the same issue over and over again. The new experience tunnel, which really helps new born citizens, is also a strong temptation, or rather an invitation to cheat (to some citizens). This is because many illegal benefits can be obtained fast, very fast.

Not for long!

We start with the biggest change of all: the new invitations rewards system. Right now a citizen is rewarded with a treasure map for each citizen invited by them that reaches level 6. We have decided to reward the quality, not the quantity, and this is for everybody's benefit. After all, if a citizen invites 100 other citizens that suddenly die at level 6, they bring nothing to the community. But if you invite 5 citizens that are active and remain active, you deserve to be rewarded more.

The new reward system: instead of receiving a treasure map (say 5 Gold) when your invited friends reach level 6, you will receive 10 % of all their future Gold rewards and Gold acquisitions. So, as long as your friends play eRepublik you will get Gold bonuses! They reached level 6 and used a treasure map? You get 10% of it.They just became a super-soldier? Another 10 %.They become a hard-worker? You get your bonus. They bought a pack of 140 Gold? You get 14 Gold. And so on, as long as they're alive! You can easily see that in the long-term you'll be rewarded with so much more than one current Treasure Map. Just to be clear, what you receive is a bonus: for the 5 Gold reward of your friend, eRepublik will give you both a total of 5,5 Gold (5 for your friend and 0,5 for you). Also, this is not a pyramidal system, that is the invited friend of your invited friend won't bring you benefits.

If you have let's say 10 active invited friends, your eRepublik alerts inbox will be pretty “active”. But hey, that will be good news, announcing your latest Gold bonuses 😃 And you really deserve these bonuses simply because you took care of your friends in their first days and guided their first steps!

We now move to the next measure, because this project is larger. After a serious analysis we concluded that although there are some cases when honest citizens leave the game within a couple of days of registration and donate everything to somebody, the vast majority of real players have no reason to donate their money when they are still babies. Hence, we are disabling the option to donate money (both Gold and currency) for citizens below level 12. Of course, the young citizen can still receive money donations. The first weeks in eRepublik should be used to learn the game and its concepts. A blind plunge into the black market is also very risky, so this new rule will keep babies from making big mistakes while they are very young.

The same goes for monetary market: citizens below level 12 will not be able to exchange Gold for currency (e.g sell 5 Gold for 1 USD). They still can exchange currency for Gold. We are confident that governments will take care of their (most likely now true players) babies, by increasing the new citizen fee, or through other methods. For obvious reasons, if a citizen below level 12 buys Gold from eRepublik it is their right to do whatever they want with it, so donations and the monetary market get completely unlocked.

“Great, but the multiple-accounts can still vote!” you might say. Well, we have a counter-measure for that too: the election process will end as usual at 00:00 (eRepublik time), but for the next six hours the results will not be final. During this time we will analyze the votes, so the winners might easily change if there were fake accounts involved in the elections. As you know, if a citizen is banned after voting, the vote is also removed. That's why we need these hours of extra time before the results become final. During this time you can see how or if the votes decrease (votes can only decrease due to suspended accounts).

To summarize, these are the main changes: you'll get 10 % of all your invited friends' Gold rewards and acquisitions, citizens below level 12 cannot donate their money or sell Gold on the monetary market, and the election's final results will be on a 6 hour delay. When are we going live with these changes? Soon: next week. We will announce the final date on the forum or in a future Insider.

The eRepublik team

PS: The new reward system applies only if your invited friends reach level 6 after the implementation of this project, sometime next week. If you have already been rewarded(either 5 Gold or a Treasure Map) because you invited somebody, the new reward rule won't apply in this case.