Cabinet Info, And, Well... Stuff.

Day 902, 15:05 Published in Philippines Philippines by Keegan Knoll

Hello, eFilipinos!

I had planned on writing this article yesterday, however, unfortunately, due to an RL occurrence beyond my control, I willingly walked into the unknown depths of RL, turning off my computer early, and therefore was unable. However, today, unfortunate events have been dealt with, and articles will arrive as ordered.

Now, for today's subject, I will primarily be noting the current cabinet positions. Most of these remain the same, as there were not many new additions available. However, you will note that I have added some deputies to certain branches. This is in hope that these players will learn the necessary tactics in running divisions of our government.

All current posts in the head-of-department area that are not vacant at this moment will remain the same by necessity. That Means Revilo X as DoHA, Anarchist as DoD, Negosyo sa tao as DoF, Revilo X (again) As DepEd, and so on. However, replacing me in the Department of Foreign Affairs as Director for the month, will be Niall H, a recent arrival to the Philippines, and an active former Irish Presidential candidate, as well as an ex-MoD and MoFA.

EDIT: Rupert Jaradal has now taken the Position of DepEd Director, at the agreement of Revilo X.

As Deputies, I will have one new mention for the moment. Josie Brooks, One-Term congressman and beloved storyteller of the ePhilippines, will be appointed as the Deputy of the Home Affairs Department under Revilo X.

However, if you don't have a government position as we speak, feel free to message me, and I would be glad to direct you to a position at which you can start to gain experience. I want an experienced ePhilippines for the future, and we'll need more than a few new people each month to get that way.

Get active, guys!!!

-President Keegan Knoll

I have Presidential Fangirls.