eSouth Africa Broadcast Centre

Day 902, 03:29 Published in South Africa Sweden by zamrg

The eSouth African government is proud to present the official eSouth Africa Broadcast S.cript , a greasemonkey s.cript that enables the government and military to publish news, orders and any other information directly to your eRepublik home page.

The s.cript fetches news directly from the eSouth Africa forum; however this doesn't neccessarily mean that you have to be a registered forum user to use the s.cript. You only have to be registered on the forum and logged in if you're in the military, cabinet or congress as these are special feeds that are only displayed to certain citizens.


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The broadcast s.cript is currently only supported by the Mozilla Firefox web browser and you need to have the greasemonkey addon installed. You can download the latest version of greasemonkey from


You can download the eSouth Africa Broadcast s.cript from If you have greasemonkey installed (which is a requirement), it will automatically come up with a popup and all you need to do is click 'install'.


If you need any help installing the s.cript or would like to know more about it, don't hesitate to give me a shout.