Patriotic Dissent

Day 898, 23:19 Published in Japan Japan by Sophia Forrester

By now, it has been shouted to the rooftops that eJapan is about to declare war against the nation of eSouth Korea. Our South Korean neighbors have long been on good terms with us, but the current government, in a few short weeks, have turned that friendship into utter belligerence. And soon, that verbal bellicosity will become war, de jure and presumably de facto.

What does de facto war mean? Well, it means that they will be seeking to invade us, and give as good as they receive. Our home islands, as well as our protectorate of Jeju, long held with the blessing of the South Korean government, would be at risk. And with the Theocratic organization's &quoteclaration of war," they will have the superior firepower.

Thus I recommend to all patriotic Imperial citizens who are dissatisfied with the current government's handling of this war:

-Hold your fights until day's end, to defend our legitimate territory against aggression. If there is no foreign aggression during a day, fight in any training war.

-Do not fight in any battle in a native South Korean region other than Jeju. Every additional territory gained makes it easier for the enemy to attack us. Every conquered foreign territory lost limits the options open to them to proceed.

-Buy Korean goods before they go off the market when war is declared. As this article is posted, there is barely over thirty minutes left. The vote has obtained a majority and will pass at the end of the 24-hour voting period. All that remains is to prepare for the worst, and to ensure that our national treasury gets all the import tax it can, before it bites the foreign hand of commerce, cutting off the trade. Tetsuya Temaru-san has, as a public service, provided links to the Korean companies currently selling in our market. While I disagree with his motivations in providing this information, it may still prove useful to the informed citizen. The article is here: (As the "Link" function of eRepublik does not seem to work in my browser, I have posted the link by hand.)

-Support candidates in elections who oppose the war. Vote on May 15 for such a candidate for Party President, or, if there are none in your own party and you steadfastly wish not to abandon her, run for office yourself. Or if you do not have the confidence to serve, then support the candidate for partisan office who best exemplifies calm, moderation, and openness to diversity of thought. The hyenalike shouting down of opposition has already begun -- we must prove to the doubters that our imperial republic grows only stronger through patriotic dissent.

-Bear no animosity toward the good folk of South Korea. Though they curse our names, they do so only after the heartless provocation of officers of our very government itself, including members of our President's Cabinet. By and large, these ministers' intentions are honorable. However, they are foolishly embarking on a crusade that will only serve to harm our nation. The longtime friendship between Nihon and Kangoku has been smashed to pieces. Now we shall see what the President's horses do.

In the words of His Imperial Majesty, Emperor Kokawayoshi Makoto. "There is no day when tyranny may not enter upon this country, if the people lose their spirit of defiance." These words are as true today as they were when our Emperor shouted them three months ago. May he reign ten thousand years.