SAAF - Changing of the Guard

Day 898, 02:29 Published in South Africa South Africa by South African Armed Forces

I've had some awesomely epic fun terms as Chief of Staff of the military but it's time for me to hang up my boots and step down. I'm handing over command to the newly appointed acting Commanding Officer and Chief of Staff Tronyx who has served as my deputy up until now and who is perfectly capable of leading the military and continuing to help her grow from strength to strength.

I've made friends during my terms and many enemies too, I've failed in a few things I wanted to achieve but overall, I personally think it's been a great success and I've seen the military shape into a p well-oiled fighting machine.

I'd like to have a quick look back at the past few terms and also share some of our weaknesses and where I think the military should head now.

Great Southern War

I started off my first term under Mark Morcom's presidency and, just 5 days in, was given the task of assisting in Operation Save Goats, a resistance war we started on Day 832 which led to the successful liberation of Gauteng. This was one of the first operations orchestrated by South Africa and was ultimately a huge learning curve for us. We rejoiced, celebrated, trolled our enemies but were soon after hit by a channer PTO where our entire country was retreated to our enemies, destroying all the hard work and success we'd achieved.

It was a gloomy moment in history for South Africans as the entire country's civilian population and military were evacuated to Australia which became our home for the next few weeks. We assisted our Aussie brothers by fighting from their front in the Great Southern War; however we were ultimately at a deadlock with Brazil/Argentina using a retreating/blocking strategy that prevented Australia from making any further progress with their offensive.

The goal at this point was to get at least one region back in South African hands or face losing our country to open citizenship. We made two further attempts on Limpopo on Day 848 and 851, both of which were met with heavy PHOENIX resistance that we just weren't able to overcome. We were at our breaking point and many soldiers, including commanders, had lost all hope as our efforts had failed and free citizenship was just a day or two away.

A miracle then hit us on Day 854 when PHOENIX forces launched an operation to retake Rhone Alps from Poland. Poland started many distraction and damage draining battles throughout the world, two of which were in Gauteng and Northern Cape and which we could use to our advantage. We dubbed this operation internally as Operation Last Straw since it was our last chance to save the country, and one which was going to be incredibly tough given that our allies were occupied in Rhone Alps. We managed to pull off an awesome victory with the help of mercs, tanks and spare EDEN forces who weren't needed in Rhone Alps. This put our country back on the map saving us from open citizenship and a permanent PTO; however we still had the daunting task of liberating the rest of our country.

We then declared war on both Brazil and Argentina and opened a new front in the Great Southern War, one that could be used to aid Australia in blocking Brazil/Argentina and continuing the offensive from South African soil; however this plan was soon shattered when Australia lost Western Australia, their fortress and connecting border with our occupied regions. The main front of this war then shifted to South Africa and we continued our liberation effort with a surprise strike on Day 877 when our president attacked Gauteng in what was known as Operation Hier Kom Kak. We won this battle, successfully liberating Gauteng and we kept the ball rolling with a third attack on Limpopo on Day 879. This attack once again failed with the whole of PHOENIX mobilising and sinking a ton of gold in tanking and defending the region.

This brings us to where we are now! 🙂 A small but dedicated country with 8 out of our 9 regions and one goal in mind: the liberation of our last occupied region, Limpopo.

The Past & Future

I started my term with a couple of goals in mind, some of which we achieved, and others which I failed at or didn't get around to seeing come to life.

- assisted in the liberation of 8 out of our 9 regions
- regular recruitment campaigns and an increase in military power
- all branches are now self-sufficient in the production of iron and weapons
- introduced frequent co-ordinated/mass attacks on IRC
- improved forum activity by having it our primary source of orders
- increased overall military activity and deployment rates

... and some things I personally feel need to be worked on by my successor:

- increase military funding
- spread awareness of the importance of IRC and increase IRC activity
- transform the Training Division into a training academy as opposed to it functioning like a regular branch
- a full plan to migrate and adapt to the changes that v2 will bring
- an order s.cript that brings forum orders in-game directly to the home page of soldiers
- more deployments for our mobile branches (with an increase in funding)


It's been great serving as Chief of Staff and a big thanks to everyone that I've worked with over these terms; high command, our allies, the government and every soldier in the South African Armed Forces - it's been awesome 🙂

I have accepted my appointment as Vice President this term and will continue to serve the armed forces as a private in Assegai.


Former Chief of Staff of the eSouth African Armed Forces