WTF, I Never Signed the Righteous Nation Philosophy!

Day 897, 14:34 Published in South Korea Japan by Ryoushi

I suppose if one were to look through the early history of the Righteous Nation Philosophy, they would find the signatures of a few distinguished Japanese citizens, perhaps even the Emperor himself. But they would not see my signature on there, or the signature of President danyeo, or our Minister of Defense, or the hungry young Japanese soldier who has been training in anticipation of this day.

eRepublik is a social, economic, and MILITARY simulation. Yet our little cousins to the west seek to deny us our right to participate in the military aspect of this game? How dare they? Japan is a country located in a remote part of the map. We have undesirable natural resources, and strong alliances. The basic facts of our country put us into a natural defensive posture. The only advantage we have is that due to the low threat of invasion, we can be aggressive in action. Our optimal military strategy should be to pursue the rare opportunities for growth whenever we can. By conquering South Korea we will retrieve stationary defensive assets, expand our tax base, and generate new workers for our sluggish economy.

Plus, South Korea is a mess of a country that needs saving.

The Japanese are a wise and thoughtful people. Every citizen has read the Righteous Nation Philosophy and mulled it over. Even I, who stands before you today in defiance of the RNP, has deliberated over the words and let the ideas ruminate inside my giant Asian brain. Five months ago, I wrote the following, in this very newspaper:

"Perhaps it is enough that we have The Righteous Nation philosophy in our national libraries, so all citizens can refer to it. That alone makes us different than most countries. Just the possibility that we will apply such thoughtfulness to our decisions. To say that we must follow it is to pretend that there is One True Way. The document itself justifies not following the document."

The Japanese are not a violent people. We have arrived at this day after a long period of discussion and careful consideration. And what we have decided is this: We are stealing your K-Pop groups. And as we listen to the gyrating, heartfelt melodies of your fresh-faced nubiles, with the volume turned up loud, all the other pleas of South Korea will fall on deaf ears.