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President Nave answers questions on his Life, his term, and the United States.
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[a url=]Nave Saikilah[/a] has been president of the eUnited States for 11 days now, and the International News Agency thought it was prime time to get a few statements on his first third of a term in the office.

Since your arrival to eRepublik, you have opened several new businesses and a newspaper, made plenty of money, and eventually became president of both the Liberty Party and the USA (in both making bold changes). That was quite a whirlwind of activity. Do you think it you were the man destined for the job, or the one in the right place at the right time?
To say that luck didn\\\'t have any part is wrong. Lots of the Libertarians were disillusioned with Jes Maximus (the previous leader) when I started campaigning. Then Korbin announced that he was going to step down from his position. There were plenty of opportunities – I tried to take advantage of as many possible.

Now you manage two training facilities ([a url=]Gift Industry Training[/a] and [a url=]Food industry Training[/a]); it\\\'s pretty obvious that your charities are doing pretty well, as your other business ventures did. Do you have any advice for new business owners, employees, and players at large?
Erepublik is not a finished product; many complain that there isn't enough to do. It's all what you make it. Business owners need to analyze what they are doing right and wrong, then make the necessary adjustments. Employees should talk to other company owners to see if they could get paid anymore somewhere else. You would be surprised how far a friendly message can get you. And there are a bunch of opportunities to help out in politics – you don\\\'t have to be a congressman/president to make a difference!

Now, I'd like to ask your opinion on the [a url=]US Redivision Proposal[/a]. Do you think it'd be a profitable move, or a wasteful one?
We should wait to see the effects of our 51 areas before we decide whether we want it changed. I have heard that the admins might change the game so that food productivity is based on the amount of regions a country owns – imagine the US\\\'s advantage if that\\\'s the case! Also, it would be a tactical nightmare to invade America. It\\\'s an important deterrent to foreign threats.

In your [a url=]inaugural address[/a], you laid out specific plans for your presidency. Eleven days later, how well do you think you\\\'ve followed through with these specific issues?

Establishing foreign relations
We have made connections with nearly every major country. Dishmcds of the DoD and Platonic, our Foreign Relations Director, deserve a lot of credit here. They have been great. Most of the things they/we do are behind the scenes – I cannot divulge too much but rest assured, America is in a good position.

Developing nations
You mentioned import/export agreements. How are they doing?

Austria paid for half of an export license – they needed food. Poland has talked to us and we are working out a deal with them. Argentina asked for aid; in three days, the US has sold over 300 units of food to them. We will have to wait until country-specific trade agreements are released before we can fully start investing in developing nations.

Currency market changes
Have foreign nations responded like you thought they would to your adjustment? Did the American economy react like you thought?

Imports were predicted to drop; they have. In fact, every foreign company that is selling to America is losing money on each sale. The GDP has gone from under 1300 to 1435 gold in the ten days I changed the rates – that\\\'s over a 10% increase. Meanwhile, the Treasury\\\'s gold reserves have gone from 60 to about 400 (if you include investments that aren\\\'t counted in GDP). If you add that up, America\\\'s gold reserve, the best indicator of wealth, has increased 35%. I would say that the economy has reacted well to the changes.

Federal Reserve
We are about to start advertising the availability of loans from the government to commercial banks. The Federal Reserve should spark some investment and help bank owners make money.

On March 2, you announced the need for [a url=]bureaucratic positions[/a], but have not yet released a follow up. You did, however, post a few names and positions in the comments of that article. Have you gathered enough people? Are you moving forward with those programs?
We have chosen most of the volunteers to have bureaucratic positions, it\\\'s just a matter of organizing them and utilizing them. We have been slow to announce positions and order directives because we want to have a collective plan first. I am working with Foreign Relations Director Platonic on this – expect announcements and notifications early next week.

Now, we all agree that America doesn\\\'t have as many citizens as it needs, so you started the [a url=]Immigration/Growth Bureau[/a] (now called Citizen Expansion Program), but some users have expressed disinterest and pointed out flaws in the program.

1)Some have asked what incentive they have to give 3 out of 5 gold to the US government, when they could just as well invite someone on their own without signing contract and keep the money.
The assumption is that citizens who already know friends who would sign up have already invited them and gathered their gold. The program is for users who don\\\'t know people who would actually play erepublik. Also, the Citizen Expansion Program will be targeting people who show genuine interest in the game, rather than people who are willing to sign up so their friend gets 5 gold. Giving a portion to the US government is really just a step to prevent sudden inflation. It will invest all the proceeds back into the economy.

2) Do you think that spamming other sites is really a good idea?
No. Okin Rebiets is in charge of recruitment; from what he\\\'s told me, spamming other sites is not going to be a method used. Not only would it be ineffective, it would also attract the wrong crowds. Talk to him if you want the specifics.

What module do you think would make a nice addition to the game?
I would like to see the media section improved – a while ago, I suggested there be some sort of pay based on subscribers for virtual advertisements. Something like that would be a nice incentive for better writing. To be honest, I have been so worried about preparing for the war module to think about any more possibilities.

How do you compare yourself to Barack Obama?
Hahah it hasn\\\'t crossed my mind! I guess we are both relatively inexperienced, offer change, and have a strong support base. And I am positive eHillary Clinton would insult me on a regular basis if she existed…

Well, thanks alot Mr President, and nice job.

He asked that I defer to Okin to ask about the CEP, so it looks like I\\\'ve got to ask him a few questions now. I guess look foraward to an in depth look at the CEP next time. Or not, who knows.

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