On West Japan (The Peninsula Formerly Known As Corea)

Day 895, 17:47 Published in Japan Japan by TheReverendSeanV

Pictured Above: President Danyeo doing some reconaissance

Many of you have seen the ads, a few of you have been in IRC, and even less read the forum, but you should all know by now that we fully intend to recolonize eSouth Corea. Yes, I said RECOLONIZE, it's not such a bad word. When President Danyeo first disclosed to me his intentions of invading Corea, I was incredulous to say the least, I quickly warmed up to the idea however. Some might say that it was because I was offered a cabinet position as Governor General, those people are wrong, it's because I like to blow things up. But that is hardly a good reason, or the only reason why we're about to bring subjugation and work camps to the Coreans. Infact there are actually four reasons:

1) South Corea Is What We Call "Failed"

Meet Carlos Bianchi pretty studly right?

Carlos used to be called Celio Azevedo, he was a bit on the crazy side. Celio is typical of your average eCorean in this game, a communist (synonymous with failure), political exile from no less than 3 countries, once banned for multi-accounting, and unintentionally hillarious. These kind of people gain Congress medals like candy in Corea. Can you imagine a place like that? Do you even want to? Where wanton government incompetance is acceptable, we can't let them suffer like that. The Theocrats, for all the bad things the did for new players kept the place secure, and immobilized any threat it could've posed to eJapan. We can't say the same about our western territories now, and that fact in and of itself is horribad. A place that is run like it's inhabitants have collectively gotten mad cow disease, needs to be put down in the same fashion.

2) eJapan Needs Some Excitement

Typical day in eJapan: I outwit you with ad gold and make people lol, you fight back report me to admin and call me a mean, FoH prick. Rinse, Repeat. We need something to stir up things, we need a good war. Some people choose to play this game in a different way than I do, I play it by making funny ads and articles mocking people who I think are stupid and getting in to Congress. Some people like to write articles about an anime character being Empress and other Gaia online type things. However activity is still dying for both groups of people at this point, the only real media activity we have is when our Bro's win one, so lets win one for eJapan.

We don't lose anything, save some gold, by attacking South Corea. It's as free of consequence and relevance as a war can get in this game, let alone when EDEN is tearing a path through Europe. On top of that, we'll gain a few eSouth Corean refugees (the ones who aren't utter failures) to help spice things up. And we all know how much you guys love Corean refugees.

Pictured Above: Me keeping your interest

3) Economic Benefits

Gyeonggi-Do contains a Q5 Defense Company owned by one of our government orgs. The Q5 Defense System company will become increasingly important to us in V2 (if it launches before we all quit). There are several more high quality companies in Western Japan, all of which will provide us with a wider array of products. In addition we can pick up dozens of workers, some high skill too. As Governor General I can assure all country owners that you can literally work these little guys to death without paying them too much. They work hard as long as you keep whipping them with reeds, and they'll even sleep outside!

Pictured Above: Corean farmers on Jeju have given us insight to the mind of the enemy

4) Military Benefits

The Imperial Japanese Armed Forces has grown by leaps and bounds in terms of damage, organization and efficiency under Gensui Dokomo's tenure as Minister of Defense. Our newly reorganized army has faced tests in foreign theaters such as Western Australia (twice), Limpopo and Liaoning, but we've yet to test our mettle in an all out attack. We have several high strength Field Marshalls in Congress (such as Crawling Chaos, Lejina and I), unable to unleash the might of the Rising Sun on anybody. This coming campaign will give us an unequaled opportunity to see how far our military has progressed, an exercise that will aid us in preperation for V2 as much as anything else.

Pictured Above: Just like in the Imjin Wars, Japans military technology is vastly superior to Corea's

Whether I win the election, or Danyeo somehow manages to beat me, we are reclaiming the territories of Western Japan, now known as South Corea. If I was of the Choson persuasion I'd be working very hard to cozy up to you new Japanese overlords; because before you know it, you'll be herded off to work camps and the best among you will be shipped off as serfs to Japanese nobility. We are stealing your K-Pop groups, Ham Eun Jung will be given away to the highest bidder.

A winnar is you

Any citizens of Japan caught working against the Imperial Empire during this campaign will suffer the same fate as the pig-dogs who resist assimilation

Pictured Above: Chemical Castration