PrinceOfAustria BANNED!

Day 889, 23:50 Published in Austria Austria by Royal_Holding

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Dear fellow citizen.

I am very sad to tell you that yesterday evening, I got banned.
I already appealed and really hope the appeal will pass.
Let me assure you I never played unfair, actually I report multis because I think they ruin the game.

What was I banned for?
I was banned for &quot;creating or administrating multiple citizen accounts.&quot;
Now did I do that?
The account who they say is my (only) multi, actually is my girlfriend.

Why were we banned?
Well I do admit our accounts seem very suspicious at first sight.
Very similar nickname, same party, both in congress, donations, and on top of that, same IP usage sometimes.
But at second sight you will see we're totally different individuals.
We both usually use different IPs (at either home), but obviously sometimes they match since we often spend time at each others places.
I do sometimes donate a bit of money or bread to her, in order to help her, but if she was my multi, shoudlnt it be the other way round either?
And if I was HER multi, why should i use Napoleon every day?
She's also employed at my comp, but at a very average salary, exploiting neither of us (it was 13 ATS for Skill 4 &amp; 100 wellness). Why should I pay her a fair salary if she was my multi?
Also, I got 3 society builder medals investing a lot of work, and even real money. Why should I do that if I didnt play fair and used multis anyways?
Also, take a look at her newspaper, and then take a look at mine.
Quite some differnt style, isnt it?
This as well goes for our style of play.
I'm VERY active, interested in politics and take the game pretty serious, other than her who just plays when she's bored, and only for fun.

Those of you who are active on the IRC might have seen her on there, and know that she's not the same human as I am.

I really hope, and actually think, admins will see this, too, as they are doing a very good job (on most occasions 😛) and that we'll be unbanned soon.
There are so many real multis, and being banned because my gf plays at my place sucks.

So until then if you need something message me here.
If I stay banned I'll come back, I promise.

Greets /: