Clash of the Alliances

Day 888, 09:43 Published in by Plato

Dear citizens,

We look to the choked fires all over the New World and still couldn't believe the epic clash which took place in the last week-end. We are living interesting times; the outcomes of the on-going battles may change the face of the New World forever. Just to give you an idea: in the last 60 hours more than 90 battles fired up! Of course, most of these battles were tactical moves, aiming to back-up and support the war efforts for the really important ones.

It all started Wednesday with Hungary attacking Croatia, that attack had delayed Eden's (one of the main eRepublik Alliances) plans for a simultaneous attack over some vital high-regions of Phoenix (the other main Alliance). Or, maybe this was their strategy in the first place, who knows. But then Friday the madness has been unleashe😨 Polish fortress Rhone-Alps had been under a heavy attack, Serbia had to defend Liaoning and the Hungarian fortress Heilongjiang had also been under attack. But Heilongjiang (aka “Hello Kitty”) was not Hungary's only problem: a simultaneous attack of Romania and Croatia was threatening the very integrity of Hungarian historical territory. And we all know the passions and emotions involved when it is about defending homelands.

And so the final moments of the “mother of all battles” had come: Rhone-Alps, the Polish fortress-region hosting at that time 9000 residents and a defensive wall of 1,300,000+ points. In the final 30 minutes there had been 8200+ citizens on line in eRepublik. This number only shows the scale of this battle. Let's see some breath-taking numbers: total unique fighters 20,848 and total damage inflicted 22,033,317! Impressive! If you've missed the end of this battle, you can only imagine how it was like. After an hour of extra time in which both sides struggled to tip the balance in their favor, the heavy Phoenix tanking managed to conquer Rhone-Alps! It's true that Poland lost Berlin and Rhone-Alps, but the war is far from over! And with about 5.000,000 damage inflicted in this battle by Poland alone, we are sure we'll soon hear more about them.

As it seems China starts to play a more and more important strategic role, helping Eden by simply trying to regain their homeland. And they meant business: on Friday China started battles simultaneously against Hungary in the legendary Hello Kitty (1,155,742 total damage and 2,201 unique soldiers) and Serbia in Liaoning (4,960,363 total damage and 8,225 total unique soldiers). Both Hungary and Serbia secured the regions, but the damage drained from Phoenix super-powers opened the opportunity for far more interesting battles to take place inside Hungarian borders. Romania conquered Northern Great Plain while Croatia (+13 allies) managed to conquer Southern Transdanubia ( 2,531,328 total damage and 11,909 unique soldiers). In the same time Hungary, helped by 15 allied countries, managed to secure Western Transdanubia (4,339,214 total damage and 8396 unique soldiers). In both Transdanubian battles we had 30 countries involved, a truly world-wide war!

So, after a very “hot” day and 36,519,026 damage inflicted by 56,552 soldiers, Poland lost Rhone-Alps and Hungary lost two original regions. But we were just in the middle of the week-end!

Next day Spain took back Rhone-Alps from Slovenia in a battle with no MPPs triggered (2,158,891 damage and 6399 unique soldiers). Hungary remained trapped in the grip of Romania and Croatia. Again, it managed to secure Southern Great Plain against Croatia ( 1,531,965 total damage and 4805 unique soldiers) and Northern Hungary against Romania (2,296,006 total damage and 9199 unique soldiers). But the big battle had been the one for Western Transdanubia. Although it was secured by Hungary just the day before, this time Croatia & allies proved themselves as being stronger, conquering this region after a battle with a total of 9,591,393 damage inflicted by 17,866 unique soldiers!

Now, these were, if not the, then one of the most exciting days in eRepublik's history, judging from the scale of the events: to have 94,821 active soldiers and 52,097,281 total damage inflicted in just two days, all this spread over just 10 battles out of the 90+ active ones... Well, this is “wow”!

If you've missed the week-end events, don't worry, because things are far from over! Romania and Croatia feed the stormy weather in Central Europe, forcing Hungary to defend another two original regions: Central Transdanubia and Central Hungary . China once again started the enraged war in Heilongjiang . Poland, Germany, Russia and many other countries are literally war-zones. So, grab a weapon and write some history!

The eRepublik team